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Ok I have now outgrown my excel spread sheet. Some might laugh but you should see what I have made. It is easy for me to update and move stuff around. So I have kept it this way for a while. I now however do way to much work and each client needs a more detailed invoice. So my questions are.

What software do you suggest. I plan on getting big. I manage about 300 acres that we mow regularly for a few people. 100 residential accounts. 20 are with a property management company but billed together. And about 5 landscape jobs a month for this landscape company.

I dont have time to run a demo and input all my stuff in the free gopher download. So how easy is it. Do you just put an account in. Set the date. Set the frequency and then when you want to run invoices lets say from Sep 1 to Sep 30 with any past due balance it shows up?

Also using this software. Does it cut down on time or is it hard to move things around on rain days and stuff like that.

Whats your company? Where not that far apart.
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