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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by drsogr, Feb 24, 2006.

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    I am a landscaper....I some how backed into doing a few fertilization accounts. Mainly for neighbors, and past customers. I am not advertising for this, I am just doing it for people who ask to have it done...mainly to pay for my licenseing and my equipment. I put down a lot of roundup on the landscaping side of things.

    Anyway, I was curious how do you schedule your appts with your customers. Do you send them a letter at the beginning of the year telling them what dates your will be there, do you call them before each visit. I am clueless....please help! I want to make this as easy as possible, but since these are neighbors and past customers I want them to be there when I do it, in case they have any questions. My thought is that I need to send them a letter before each app telling them when I am going to be there. Is this common? Any suggestions?
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    If they're neighbors and people you're already acquainted with, give them a call and let them know when you want to come out and work out a time if you really need them there. I wouldn't put the ball in their court too much if you have a ton of landscaping work as well...When you have so few accounts and want it to grow, great customer service should be top priority...You could send a letter in the Spring and give them a schedule (if you have one), or let them know you'll be out in a few weeks for pre-em...There are a ton of options, just don't inconvenience yourself too much..
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    We are required to prenotify and give a general idea when to expect us. We also have to give them the rights to a phone pre-notificaton the day before the app.
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    we just call ahead the customers who request it, most of them have a locked gate or a dog outside. I operate my business as a continuous service and it is stated on my invoice I leave with the customer. it has worked well for me and I don't have to send out post cards or make a ton of phone calls every spring
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    Don't try to do your business only when the cust is at home..that is just a nightmare.

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