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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cdqat1432, Sep 2, 2012.

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    When I managed multiple crews at different locations, we did what several people on here have mentioned, a white board. We bought the 8x4 sheets at HDepot or Lowes and hung them on the walls. We then divided them by crews and by days. We actually had it broken down to "Budgeted Hours" on each customer for each day and crew. The crews then wrote down their "Actual" times on the board daily and how much they were over/under the budgeted hours. At the end of each week/month, our Production Mgrs would log them onto a form and enter them into the computer, then reset the board. It wasn't as nice as the one in the pic, but it was easy and productive. Plus it gave each supervisor and manager a way to communicate as to why they were under/over budget and opened the discussion about productivity. It was a great teaching tool! And a whole lot easier to job cost a client. As for Enhancements/ DB, it was the same thing... just more crazy!!
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    This year we used evernote. Its a free app that had work well for us. All I do is print out a list for the week that has five days and the specific customers under each day with a check box beside their name. Pretty simple but works great.
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    We use dry erase boards as well. Ours aren't as pretty as the one shown above, but it works for us. We have five rows, mon-fri, across the top, then down the side we have the supervisors names listed. We put all of our install work on index cards with the work we're doing including materials and equipment needed. We just use magnets to schedule, that way if something doesnt get finished we can just slide it to a different day. For our maintenance crews we use LawnPro.
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    I like the idea of the metal board and the magnets. I dont think we could do that though with 400+ lawns each week to cut.
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    We just post our install items or anything extra on that board. We use LawnPro to keep up with our maintenance items, which prints out a list everyday for each crew.

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