Scheduling (Clip vs. Groundskeeper)

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by SLS2007, Mar 1, 2011.

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    I'm wondering if there are people out there who have used both Clip and Groundskeeper Pro software programs for scheduling. Just trying to get some info on which one people think is better?
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    DON'T BUY CLIP.... As of 2008 when i tried to us it.... It was Horrible and VERY EXPENSIVE.... Man the time and MONEY that i WASTED was like $4,000 and for me could not use any part of Clip. What was so hard about it was that if you wanted to changed a job in the field with a different group of guys than what you had scheduled you couldn't do it. So say for example that you are on a 4 hour job and the equipment breaks down and you have to send a guy away to fix it and bring in another from a different crew it would not work. And trying to fix that in the office was a real ***** and very time consuming. So after going though all of that and paying the office guy to set it up and call Customer Support (which was a bunch of Bull messing with) I went back to the old system that we created in excel. I first saw it a the expo and it look and sound great and i guess there a people and company's that use it. However for me it SUCK.....
  3. if you are using quickbooks

    if you are not using quickbooks get it and use this program

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    I'd love the chance to show you what we can do. Give us a ring if you're curious.

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