scheduling Equipment Maint w/ software.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by gardenkeeper88, Jan 25, 2012.

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    For those of you who use any of the software (QX, SA, Goper, Real Green or any others). do you schedule your truck and equipment maint in your software? if so does it have a special place or way to do it or have you made your own way. I use QX. I'm thinking of listing all my equipment under my company like it is a customer. Then enter a item of equip maint. and schedule it out just like a customer service. This way I can have the guys sign into it just like job and track time. At the end of the year I should be real close on the total hours my employees worked. If you have this info then you really can get the overhead cost per hour for time tracking. Any of you doing it this way or how do you schedule it. This would also make sure all the maint is being done not forgetting even 1 thing.
  2. grass-scapes

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    qxpress handles equipment logging and tracking. AT least it does on the platinum version. You can even assign equipment to a particular job.
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    Right That is what I'm looking at but you have to assign it to something so I assigned a job under our co. name. You can't assign it to a customer for changing oil on it. They tell you to put it in the contact mgr. but you have to enter each one and cant recurr it with out entering all again. I even schedule greasing weedeater heads. I have found if they don't have a schedule it doesn't get done on a reg basis. I think this will work.
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    I use maintenance assistant for equipment maintenance. Everything has a number, trucks, tractors, skid steers, skid steer buckets, plows, ect, down to the wheel barrows (although shovels, rakes, ect do not have numbers). Everything is programmed into it by number, and each employee (that works on equip) has a user name. I can track maintenance costs down to the cent with this program.
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    i would like a maintenance program too, but i want one that i can install on my computer, not a subscription program. I do all my maintenence myself and created a folder on a zip drive with all equipment and serial #s and just add maintenance as it's done.

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