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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TGCummings, Apr 13, 2002.

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    this may be obvious.... those that you meet with personally will have a higher closing rate. That's where effectively qualifying prospects will result in quality work. To set up the meetings use the words, as Lawn Lad provides and example, to steer them into your direction; i.e. subtle yet unobvious control.
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    Am I seeing responses directly tied to differant geographic regions ???? The guys that dont work Saturdays have a year round climate to work .
    Here in the North you have to work Saturdays when you can..its to short of a season .
    730-530???? Those hours don' fly here either ...especially for doing estimates ... lots and lots of folks dont get home until then.
    Guess it depends how hungry you are.
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    People want appts for fert estimates and I tell them I can't do that but I procede to get all the info and feel them out real good and do a telephone sell job. I ask about fences, gates dogs, problem areas, have they been doing it or used another company. If another company why are they changing, what do they want to accomplish. I get home and work/cell phone numbers and tell them if I have questions when I'm there I will call them. I always call them after the esti.

    I've been doing pretty good estimating on Sat when I stumble on them home and pick sales on the spot. I'm doing irrigation esti personally in the evenings and some Sat as well. It comes with the territory. I don't do Sundays. I don't do early mornings. I don't do dinner hour or lunch. I don't interrupt my work day. I don't answer my phone at all hours. I don't forward calls to my cell. I don't even check my messages during the day unless I'm in and out of the office. If I'm working I'm working. I don't care if they don't like it. I call a zillion people all the time and they are out of the office, in a meeting, out of town and so on and so am I.
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    Sometimes you just got to bite the bullet and work around the customers schedule. But if she says you can only do the work while she is there then that's a different story
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    Im not sure if anyone mentioned the fact that she gave you some time saving information about the gate being locked, some customers do not have the common sense to inform a contractor of this.

    Having a family is a whole different ballgame for juggling time. My married with children friends are never just sitting around reading and replying to posts at You may be able to sweetheart the wife into dinner near the house that needs the estimate, then you will be better attired and the wife gets to go "out".

    Good luck

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