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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by vaacutabove, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. vaacutabove

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    Any better ideas on getting core plug and seed jobs to line up. I have pre called everyone lots of people bit quick. However i have been to the same small neighborhood 4 times. If i could have lined them all up i could have had 12 almost in a row.
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  2. RigglePLC

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    Sure raise you prices--and then offer a discount--if they agree to a certain date when you will be in the neighborhood.

    Probably won't work. Also you could charge extra if you have to make a special trip--for instance a dollar a minute, if they want it done in a week when you have to drive more.

    Or...just tell them you will be out of town during the weeks when you don't want to go to that neighborhood.
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  3. WenzelOSLLC

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    Offer group discounts.

    Just make sure you price it to make money and if they happen to line up right on the schedule that's just adds a little bit to your margin.
  4. vaacutabove

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    This yea on my pre calls i got a lot of no thanks but as soon as i did a few near there house the phone would not stop ringing
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  5. mikesturf

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    Have a two man crew rotating work and walk around sales. One guy does the work while the other knocks on doors saying...we are doing a lot of your neighbor's lawns, we normally charge $150, but since we are here we will only charge you $120.

    Then rotate the sales guy with the aerating guy to keep them fresh.
  6. nightshutter

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  7. vaacutabove

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    I like that idea i can send the wife around she looks better than me anyways. Its been a good year for seeding sales this almost doubled from last year
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  8. mikesturf

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    This method works great, especially on Saturdays and Sundays when people are finishing up mowing their lawns and raking leaves. People see flyers on their doors all the time, but the timing is not the best. When they are tending to their lawns is the perfect time. Many times I will get too much weekend extra aerating and I will tell them I will be back first thing Monday morning.

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