Scheduling Landscape Crews

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Garden Grub, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Garden Grub

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    We have five install crews that each work 40 hours every week. We use a 6’x 6’ magnetic board with erasable markers and color coordinate the crew leaders’ magnet with that square space on the board to a particular job and the equipment he is taking.

    Does anyone have a similar set up and care to share “how they do it?”
  2. rodfather

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    Sounds like a great idea. Are you having problems with it?
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    That sounds very good ... nice n simple ... the old KISS rule

    Keep It Simple
  4. Garden Grub

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    We’re not having trouble with it. It’s just new to us. After expanding the number of crews and getting lost in shuffled papers of various sizes we bought the board at Office Depot or somewhere.

    The board works very well and I really like it. I wanted to know if other people had one like it and could share their ideas or what works for them. Ours is not set up by Monday –Saturday but rather by job name because this industry changes too frequently with weather, plant availability, and truck repairs and on and on.

    It’s nice to recline back in a chair and look at the big picture up on a wall and see “in real time” where all the crews are currently and where they can be the next day or week or month without looking at a computer screen or too many papers in your hand.
  5. PatriotLandscape

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    we run with two dry erase boards one with overall jobs and one is a two month calendar and I write daily work orders.. We are looking into scheduling software to lower data entry at teh end of the day.

    Anyone use Qxpress?
  6. ETM

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    How do you keep 5 crews busy every day. I can barley keep 1 going every day.I need help with how to get work.
  7. qualitylandscaping

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    We've got 5- 3x4 boards.

    3 are for landscape projects accepted, and projects pending.

    Mowing board shows lawns that have burned out, requested special date, noted a problem on last visit etc.

    Last one is employee schedule for the current week. Weather for the week. Equipment issues. etc.

    Works well. Everything is based in Quickbooks and Qxpress but we all like to see the visual picture, not just something shown on a computer screen.

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