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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MWHC, Jan 12, 2000.

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    MWHC,<p>I think the key is not &quot;finding a day when everbody's happy&quot; as &quot;finding a day when YOU (the contractor) are happy&quot;<p>Be diplomatic, accomodate where you can, but don't increase your drive time.<p>I actually told one customer a few years ago that we offered a custom day scheduling option for mowing. She was very interested until I told her the price would be 18.50/week extra.
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    I have a mixed bag of customers. I do business's on monday and tuesday.(they want the lawn to look great for that week's business)Apt. complexes and condo's on tuesday and wednesday. And residential on thurs. and fri. and sat.<br>It helps that i live in a smaller city for grouping my accounts, but i try to stay with this method as much as possible.
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    I ran the same as slanger try to keep res. towards end of the week and do condos and comm. towards begin of the week. Plus I ran 2 crews on thursday and friday. But in the same ran if I have a house next to a comm. I will mow it same day as comm. will not drive back to due later in the week. As far as rain goes we still cut unless it a complete down pour the crws still work. Hoildays we put res. on top of the list when it comes to hoildays. We can do comm. on hoildays if need be.
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    I mow certain parts of town on certain days of the week. If you're willing to pay me an extra 40 dollars to drive 20 minutes each way out of my way to your place and mow we will gladly do it. If not, I need to stick to my route and service your lawn on such and such day of the week.

    At the beginning of the season when organizing my routes I do try to put the more picky, higher class areas towards the end of the week for this reason. It comes down to time being money. I can't drive for 1/2 hour to make you happy when I could be earning 30 dollars during that half hour.

    I hope this helps 13 years later.
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    I have this problem also, unfortunately not everyone can get what they want.
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    I mow the posts that are from 2000 on Tuesdays. Since the posts have been sitting there for 13 years with no one to care for them, I take it no one really cares if they're taken care of or not.
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    How do you get any customers talking like that? :hammerhead:
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    I think you win the prize for thread revival. You about went back to the very beginning to get this one. :D
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    I don't know orange. I've been doing it the whole 8 years I've been in business.

    I'm on certain parts of town certain days. if you want to hire me I put you on the day I'm in your area. end of story.

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