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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Care Free LC, Feb 9, 2008.

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    I started part time last year and accumulated roughly 30 customers that I was mowing after work and weekends. This year I am going full time in Texas. I have been trying to set up my schedule to get the most out of a week but I am battling with the idea of mixing every week customers and every other week customers on the same day of the week. I have 5 clients in one neighborhood but only one of themis a weekly job (his yard is the reason I got the other 4 accounts). I hate to make two trips to that area, but if I dont, then I am only doing one yard in that neighborhood every other week.
    I was considering doing my weekly customers on thursdays and fridays and my every other week customers on tuesday and wednesday. I have customers scattered all over the place and really spend too much time driving, but I dont think I can get away from all the driving at this point.
    So scheduling by area wont work real well either since I am so spread out. Bad thing about Craigslist is hits come from all over!
    I hope some one else has some good sugestions for scheduling, because it is really giving me my greatest headache of the new season other than sitting around waiting for the grass to grow.
    Any Ideas?
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    I schedule everything by routes. If I have a weekly client and a bi-weekly in the same neighborhood, they bothget done on the same day of the week... but every other week I just skip the bi weekly lawn and move on.

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