Scheduling software? Which is best?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by CodyHouchin, May 6, 2014.

  1. tonygreek

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    Correct me if I'm wrong or, in your words, "actually...", but your reviews are not from landscaping companies. You seem to be adding a healthy pinch of creative license and applying it to your company. In fact, it looks like you've simply decided to start marketing your software to lco's, so I'm curious as to how you can use this against other sponsors who are in this thread? This is akin to McDonald's deciding to offer the McTaco and saying they've eclipsed Taco Bell as the largest Mexican fast food joint.

    First nine reviews that loaded = zero lawn or landscape companies. (Of 57 reviews, only 1, from April of 2013, is from an LCO.)

    Six of nine reviews are from lawn and landscape companies.

    So, I'm curious as to how your company is the #1 landscape software company. It seems "top software for local PC repair shops" is more worthy of the claim...
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    Hey @tonygreek. I totally hear what you're saying and can understand why you think that. I wanted to throw our name into this thread and instead of me telling you about it I thought it'd be more objective to point to a 3rd party review site that is not biased and specializes in helping people choose software - Capterra.

    As far as marketing to lco's, you are right. We consider our software to be "field service software" but sometimes call it [industry name] + software. For example, we also sometime refer to Mhelpdesk as the top-rated hvac software on Capterra . The reason for this is that Mhelpdesk works for a ton of different industries. We are able to customize everything so that it works well for landscape companies (setup recurring jobs, recurring invoices, etc) and also set it up so that it can work for hvac companies (equipment tracking, time tracking, etc.)

    As far as the reviews, there are some in there from landscape businesses. Capterra doesn't isolate reviews by industry for ranking their top rated businesses and for this reason we say that we are the top-rated landscaping software on Capterra. I think that since the computer repair businesses have more time behind a computer they are more inclined to write reviews.

    Either way, we do have a number landscape companies that would be happy to give Mhelpdesk a reference. One of our clients, who is based in Canada and has grown nearly 300% since implementing Mhelpdesk, has told me that he'd be glad to jump on the phone with any lco and talk about how we've impacted his business.

    Happy to answer any more questions that you have. I want to be as transparent as possible.
  3. tonygreek

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    To be honest, I'm not sure how to best respond to any of that, so I'll just thank you for your transparent response.
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    I researched as many options as possible. SAP was the first one that I tested.
    Thought it might be a little expensive for me. After 6 months I did a full circle and ended back at SAP again and I am more than happy to pay a little more and really appreciate what the App can do. Even though I am not using all of the options yet, I am happy that SAP has the features I may need as we grow.
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    Hey guys, just getting back to you now. We are indeed not a dedicated lco solution, but we are a robust service software solution that is customizable to a wide variety of businesses. You can see the breadth of industries represented here in our Testimonials page. I'd say of the software options mentioned here, we're most similar to SAP when it comes to the number of different things we can do, but our interface is a lot easier to use (I used to use SAP back in the day myself). We do have a free two week trial on if you want to check us out, as well as video and chat tours of the software.
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    i use yardbook i ove it dont think its gnna be free much longer its toooo goooood just added were u can measure lawns on the site for estimates awsome job these people missed nothing packed with features bro
  7. jayhartman1979

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    i recently started using yardbook it is amazing packed with features it even lets you measure yards via googlemaps collect credit card payments kep tracko workers hours assign jobs to different crews love it dont think it willbe free uch longer
  8. jayhartman1979

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    one more ad jobber absolutly loved it 2 but yardbook is free
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    Recurring Prices
    Here are the software package prices for 250-400 clients:

    Yardbook: $0/month
    Jobber: $39/month + $5 for epayments
    Service AutoPilot: $47/month + $19.97 for the payment portal
    Mhelpdesk: $299/month
  10. trinity12

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    I talked to the ArborGold people at GIE. Seems like a solid option and has many of the features the Yadbook and Jobber have at a price point akin to Jobber. Worthy of a look as you consider which platform will work best for your business.

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