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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SLC LLC, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Ok - I know that everyone is going to tell me to use the search button at the top of the screen; however, I have already done that and did not really find much that specifically answered my questions. I am looking for a scheduling software to use. I already have a program, and am very happy using it, that will create invoices and reports and all that jazz. Just looking strictly for scheduling. Here is the twist though - there are several clients that are on bi-weekly schedules, or even every ten days scheduling. Is there a software that will allow me to assign this to that particular client without having to make a mental note of it. Do these programs allow you to take into account weather and push back a day or so. And last question - can the schedule be adjusted say if a new client calls and wants mowed the next day or something along those lines?
    Thanks for everyones help. I know this is a very busy time for all of us, and I appreciate you providing me with your time and knowledge.
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    Grounskeeper pro I use it and like it very much but I have not tried other programs. It lets you do lots of different things but there a few things more I wish it did.They Have a free sample that you can download and try for as long as you want but it only allows three customers info on sample. I cant find the link to it right now but it is made by adkad technologies.
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    This software is very basic, but I have been able to use it to get started. Its called Mozilla Sunbird. You can schedule people on a bi weekly and 10 day basis. (I have the same types of customers) I would buy some good software if you have alot of clients, but if you are just getting started this software is priced very well (Free). Just google Mozilla Sunbird.
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    Thanks for the info guys. I will check into these. We are talking a couple of hundred clients weekly. Been doing it with the good 'ol pen and paper. Like my dad says - this never fails. It doesn't, which he is correct, but the time factor is miserable. Anyone else with comments? Thanks again.
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    I work part time and Lawn Pro Software is a great little program for all my needs. Check it out Invoice's to scheduling weekly and bi weekly all for 54 dollars.

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    For the money lawnpro can't be beat.
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    Just use outlook....
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    What's wrong with using WORKS??? It comes with your WINDOWS
  9. hoyboy

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    I have several thousand dollars invested in Clip and am very happy with it, but if all you're looking for is something that will bill bi-weekly, just about any $50 software will get it done.
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