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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by quietone, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Yes, Thanks for the post. I was a little confussed when I went to there site.

    I'm currently trying to cut down on Monthly Cost. I wish they would just charge a price for the software and that's that....
    It looks like What I have been searching for....
    I have been using LAwnpro. " yea, yea yea, I know. But They went ot the VER 4 and it's total trash. so I have to change............

    I have hired a new person for office manager, and I really want somethign easy to use, while I dont want to learn anything....

    thanks again
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    Greetings Bohiaa,

    Kirk did a great Job of explaining his real-world example of our pricing (thanks Kirk!), but I just wanted to chime in as well.

    Jobber is indeed monthly subscription based software. This is really the way that pretty much all modern, actively maintained business software is being offered these days, as it allows much more flexibility for both you and your team, and for us in supporting you. At the end of the day you end up with a much better product that can be accessed by multiple people from anywhere, and that is continually being added to and improved upon. As an example, just last week we announced a major new feature in Jobber - Batch Invoicing - which you can read about in the related blog post here: This new feature was immediately available to all of our customers at no additional cost, and without having to download or install any updates.

    We also wrote a blog post a while back about why small businesses choosing software should care about cloud computing that you might be interested in - you can check it out here:

    Our pricing information can be found on our Pricing & Signup Page. Basically Jobber is $29 per month, with each additional login being an extra $9. If you had a couple of crew leaders who should be logging into Jobber from their tablets or smart phones in the field in order to check schedules, mark jobs complete and send invoices, you would be looking at about $47/month in total. You can add as many non-login employees to Jobber as you like, free of charge. This makes us the most affordable full-featured software available for field service companies. If you value your time conservatively at $25/hour (really it should be more than that), then Jobber only needs to save you a few minutes a day in order to be a sound investment. I guarantee we'll save you a lot more than that though, and that's not even taking into consideration the other organizational and peace of mind benefits.

    Everyone can try Jobber for 30 days completely free. We don't ask for your credit card, and there are no commitments. Sign up for your free trial here:

    The Icing on the Cake
    We really appreciate this forum and all of you who contribute to it. It's a great resource both for information and camaraderie amongst the green industries. We've built a lot of really amazing customer relationships from this site, and we look forward to continuing to earn your trust and your business. To that end, we offer all Lawnsite readers a 25% discount off their first 3 months with us - just use the discount code "780lawnsite25" when subscribing, or get in touch with us.

    As always, I hope you're all growing your businesses and doing great!

    Sam / Co-Founder & CEO of Jobber
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    Instructions on Syncing my Quickbooks online customer list to Jobber please
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    Seabreeze —

    You can find instructions on syncing to QB Online here:

    Instructions are also available when you enable and set up the Add-On.

    Please contact our support help desk from within Jobber if you need any help.

    Sam @Jobber
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    Kirk from KLC was bang on when it comes to pricing. Let me know if that is clear as mud for you Bohiaa.



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