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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Spraytek, Aug 23, 2013.

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    Thanks JCLawn :)

    I do want to be careful though about giving the impression that we'll add anything that's requested, or that we customize for individual requests. We take our customer feedback very seriously (after all, you guys are the experts!), but we also have to be really committed to a cohesive roadmap that ensures the software remains simple to use, and focused on the things that are most important to the majority of our customers.

    That being said, the conversations we have with our customers are the #1 piece of input used for prioritizing our roadmap, and almost every day we add something to our product development list that's been suggested by a customer. Usually those ideas are developed and refined over time as we collect more feedback and input, until it's ready to incorporate into the software.

    We've grown very rapidly over the past couple of years, and faster and faster as we push forward — it's the dedication to our core principle of simplicity that has kept Jobber easy to use, focused on the most important core functionality, and stable and reliable for our users. I'm sure we've all had the same experience with software that promises everything and the kitchen sink, only to discover it's very difficult to learn, convoluted to use, and usually buggy because the code itself is hard for programmers to adequately maintain. We're doing what we can to avoid that here at Jobber. :)

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    I'll try to explain the best i can. I really like the features of jobber with the exception of the chem app add-on because there is alot of data that will have to be entered manually, which will be tedious for somebody who does alot of lawn apps each day. Unless i'm missing something, i think that part could be a little better.

    I think it'd be better if when you entered in your chemical/mixes that it would store more info. Sure it stores the concentration, and target pest.. but then i have to enter the Square footage of the yard, the rate, and figure out amount applied. leaves to much room for human error IMO. Why can't it store the customers square footage, plus the application rate of the mix.. so that it can calculate what is applied right when you select the mix? then all i would have to enter in would be the weather conditions, notes, etc. gopher's chemical tracking is setup alot like that, makes it really quick and easy. Also, couldn't imagine how much more time it would take to manually enter that info in on a mobile app/tablet.

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    @inzane: This is really helpful —*thanks for the feedback! Having the chemical mix applied to a property size that's already stored on the property (one time, rather than every time) makes perfect sense, and would be a really obvious improvement to the functionality. I've logged this on the roadmap so that we can figure out how to make this process better the next time we're working in that area. The rate is a little tougher, since when we were doing the research before implementing the original functionality it seemed that some jurisdictions had pretty strict regulations around measuring and recording rates on a per application basis. I've also made a note to revisit this and confirm/deny whether there are in fact restrictions in this area, but I'd love to hear from any of you out there that have any insights into this issue.

    Sam @ Jobber
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