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  1. smithf36

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    Has anyone tried using two shifts for landscaping?
    1) 530am - 230pm
    2) 130pm - 1030pm
    during the peak season only of course. Looking for ideas on how to increase productivity, use of equipment as well as only making the guys work 8-9 hours. I would like to also be able to work safer. Once people work 8-9 hrs, they get fatigued and safety becomes an issue. This would also reduce overtime. Any suggesttions, comments - please.
  2. PAPS

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    WOW !!! :eek: Those are some hours you have there... In my area, customers would freak out if my crews showed up at like 6:00 am... and would freak out if my crews showed up at like 10:00 pm !!!! + isn't it dark at those early and late times??? Not to mention the fact that getting guys to come in that early and work that late would also be hard...
  3. smithf36

    smithf36 LawnSite Member
    from Indiana
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    In the past few years we talked to the customers ahead of time and asked them if we could get an early start on things to beat the heat, etc. 99% did not have a problem with this. As for the late hours, last year we would work sometimes 15 hours a day with the same crews. We almost needed to do this to keep up. Our customers were actually somewhat excited about us getting the job done in one day and they would tell their friends that worked really hard and did a great job - and got the job done very quickly. With the plan I have mentioned, the 2nd shift would leave the job site about 9-930 and go back to the shop and clean, do maintenance, etc. and then go home.
  4. Stonehenge

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    I like trying to think of creative ways to be more productive. But I'd have concerns about this plan...I'm wondering if doubling your workforce isn't going to quadruple your HR headaches.

    I've found that my guys like to have a little OT, but it looks like your plan would not provide for much.

    This plan would appear to also require a heavy investment in redundant equipment, because you'd be essentially equipping double the crews.

    And on a personal note, because of the size of our Ops, I'd likely have to surpervise all of it in some capacity, even if not on site, and I'm not fond of having to worry about employees/projects for that much of the day. You may have a much larger operation to make that part more feasible.

    Sorry if all of this seems a little short and blunt - just got back from Charleston SC last night - had a comedy of errors with Northwest, and am working on little sleep.
  5. Tim Canavan

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    I guess things are different in Indiana. does it actually get hot up there. I didn't think it did. I'm just used to it being hot and humid in H-town. The way I see it, if you can see your breath outside, it's too cold. Anyway, I think you should split up some crews into 2 or 3 man teams. No more than that or your production will start slipping. Those are some crazy hours. Does Bobby Knight push you guys or something?

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