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  1. cajuncutter

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    WEll as most of you know I posted the thread about wanting a cheap back up weed wacker and then in turn discovered that the T230 shindaiwa would easily convert to the AH230 articulating hedge trimmers for an extra 220 bucks..well I picked up my new T230 yesterday and am impressed!! That thing is killer...I had years ago used a T270 that belonged to a friend. It was nice but a little I have the lesco "echo" trimmer (not same engine but same basic design) and I thought it was lite..I liked it but this 230 is like a feather and is strong!! I will be getting the hedge trimmer attachment in a couple of weeks. Also yesterday I got to put the new EB7000 to the test!! I was impressed at its performance. This lady calls me once a year to do a huge clean up on a yard that rarely gets attention. There were leaves 7 inches deep through out the whole back yard. I fired up the blower and put her to the test. SHE RIPPED through that yard in no time!! I will be looking forward to this fall doing clean ups. It will cut my time down considerably. I think that this blower was a wise investment.
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    Cool Cajuncutter.......your ready now !!!!!
  3. gogetter

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    Is this right that the Shindaiwa T230 string trimmer can be converted to a extended reach hedge trimmer? If so, is it an articulated head or straight?

    If this is right, this is just what I'm looking for. Already got 2 new T230 trimmers and was looking at buying an extended reach hedger but didn't really have $500 bucks to put out for one. I can swing $200 though.

    Someone fill me in. Thanks.
  4. awm

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    those onc a yr. will you come and fix my yd calls are a mess.
    they pay the premium rate + if i have time to do them.
    only good thing aboutum is the money.
  5. powerreel

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    can it convert to a stick blower?
  6. crazygator

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    Will you buy me one too? I like the way it can convert. Very nice product.

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