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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. meets1

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    Bid help, projections, or any input!!

    Roughly 50 acres of mowing. I am thinking with two wams, 2 - 3 52 Z, and 2 44 WB to do the island areas around schools ( high school, middle school & grade school) all same location. Park trucks in parking lot and go for the day.

    I would like the work - could use the extra work - keep the wams busy for an extra day - thinking maybe 1 1/2 days worth of mowing. Can it be done? Looking around 7:30 - 6:00 for a day of work, fininsh up trimming.

    Also what price should this go at? Currently they sub it out to a 1 guys who hires two people. They mow 6 days a week, all day in slow gear! My perma green in high gear goes faster than what they mow. They use the schools equipment.

    Looking at price in the range of $1250 - $1500 / time. Yes, no or maybe.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Flex-Deck

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    Why in the heck would you need all those mowers for for just 50 acres????
    My wife and I do 48 acres in one day, and these properties include curbs, and islands with two JD Garden Tractors. I am sure we are not doing as many islands as you are looking at, but you are pretty sparse on details.

    If your school is designed like the ones around here, the only people that get them are the ones that bid under $20 per acre. Even at $25 which would be my minimum, you can get the deal - $1250 - Heck if I knew that they were looking for a range ($1250-$1500) I would submit the bid for $1500, then take pictures of my work to them to prove that I am worth more than any $1250 bidder out there. Go for it. (You must realize, that my wife and I would do it in one day with two machines. You are looking at 2 Wams, 2 Z's, and 2 WB's = You and 5 employees, for a day and a half???????)
  3. r.eckley

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    I mow several schools ,prob. not 50 acres, but it seems like you have a lot more eqip & manpower than you would need. Also dont forget the trash, lots of it. Do you have to keep athletic fields mowed more often. Can you use
    Roundup? Lots of laws nowadays. Also LIABIITY ins lots of it.
  4. hostingdiva

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    Can you find out what the school is paying the guys they have now?

    Definitely Yes.
  5. meets1

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    Ok - details area little sketchy I guess. Run of the mill school. Open areas, a few evergreen trees to go around but very easy to get around. One school is new - I think we need to bag the grass cuz it would blow all over the street in one direction, blow the other way and all into the parking lot, or landscape areas - why I think I would run with the Z's or 1 44WB. The rest of the areas could probably be done with the WAMS. That is all open area.

    Regarding the football field & 1 baseball field - they maintain that themselves. Although there is alot of sidewalks, curbs areas that need to be trimmed but I think an every other week would work for trimming.

    Only problem I forsee is summer rec programs. I know I could move a guy to antoher part of the school during these hours being that all 3 schools are with a block distance of each other.

    Yes - I may a few to many guys and or equipment set up here but just thinking out load I guess for now.

    So where do you all think about price. Yes - no, maybe.
  6. Lawn Masters

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    how much edging is there to do? cleanup? I cant imagine a school, or a cluster of 3 of em for that matter havin 50 acres of turf to be mown.
  7. green acres lawns

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    Our local School system (58 acres in 3 locations) just excepted a bid of $16.25 per acre from an Lco in another town 35 miles away. Schools are like parks, theres something going on day and night and you have to work around all the games and other activities. I mowed it for two years and very rarely could you mow the whole thing at one time. Mowing is not allowed during class time so spring and fall it was evenings and weekends only, and not while they are having a ballgame or any other activity that you could disturb. Real pain. Don't miss it. Its a good way to find out if you really want to be in this business. Bid it to cheap and you'll be out of business.
  8. heather lawn sp

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    Flexdeck speaks truth
    Just as a warning Flexdeck has some specially modified JD's. (Ask him about them)
    What were you planning on doing with the WAM for the other 5 days a week? It sounds like you already have them and working them part-time, you are just looking to fill up their cards for the week. The $1250 USD sounds about right barring any specific details (clean-ups, tiny areas, etc). A 72" & a 54" can handle 25 acres a day, 5 sites 2 towns over. WAM's 54's & 44's should be able to handle that load in less than a day.
  9. meets1

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    I think I am going in at $1250 per mow. Trimming isn't bad but yet alot of sidewalk, driveway area. Mowing I think now I should be able to get that done in a day. Yes, I have 2 WAMS that are used 2 1/2 days already. I hate seeing them sit idel for a couple days and if i can keep them going, a few guys throughout the summer - shouldn't be a problem.

    Thanks for the input - I'll let ya know how things turn out.

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