School me on mini-mini excavators

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bobw, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. stuvecorp

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    That little Kobelco dug good, it felt like a regular excavator just smaller. We had to dig in three window wells, two were in the back with restricted access and we dug down almost five feet I think. It was around 3,000 pounds so easy to haul. If you had different buckets it could be very handy in compact work and lets be honest it sure beats shoveling.

    I like my TK so far and would think the smaller ones would be good as well. The Case/Kobelco minis I think are also very good.
  2. shooterm

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    We rented a Komatsu 20 for a couple of months and barelly used it. The one site job we needed it on was done before it arrived. We dug a cheap tile line thru a washout ravine, worked awesome for such a shallow small trench. Used it to dig depression place rip rap behind retaining wall, bucket was to small for rip rap. In all it was a waste we'll just rent them for the couple jobs that require them. Sidenote I wanted a "grading" bucket for it and crane lift with larger hoe into rooms for a few buildings we did. We argued over the rigging for it and the owner just sent it packing. If I can safely lift storm pipe I sure as hell can left this turd.
  3. hvy 1ton

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    Just so you have a list:
    Deere/Hitachi 17/EX17
    Kobelco/Case 17
    Komatsu/Ditch Witch PC18/MX18
    Kubota KX41

    If you NEED a machine this small there is no way i would be looking at full tailswing excavator. That would rule out the Tak and Bobcat.
  4. hvy 1ton

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    Learned something tonight; KX41 is a full tailswing machine. I don't understand why companys build machines this size that aren't ZTS. The U17 is a comparable machine to the others listed above.
  5. stuvecorp

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    I agree about the tailswing 100%. TK does make a small excavator but I think it's only available in Canada and Europe. It has the cool swing boom and is almost zero tailswing. I'll look for some info.
  6. Scag48

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    I ran a Yanmar SV008 a few years back, not a bad little machine. The thing to remember is that the baby hoes always beat a shovel no matter how long it takes. :laugh:
  7. stuvecorp

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    Okay, it is a TK TB15FR. It weighs 3349 pounds, has a 12 hp Yanmar and has 84" dig depth. I didn't find a width for it. I would love to see one and really wonder why TK isn't selling it here? I'm sure my 153 needs a mini me-x.
  8. Danny Boy

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    I have a U15 Kubota which is a ZTS machine, I rented the similar bobcat a few times and there is no comparison between the two as far as where they fit and can work... its a very strong little guy and once you get used to the size it sure can turn out some work...
  9. Giles_uk

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    we have a jcb 8016 1.6 ton machine its alright not as good as our kubota,

    all the utility companies here have mercedes sprinter vans pulling takuechi 1.5 toners. literally unbreakable by all the ******s that operate them sitting there trying to smash through concrete with a smooth edge utility bucket etc.

    we had a 3000 hour yanmar b1.4 about 18 years old not the pretiest or quickest but it started every time and never ever broke down, in 10 years of us owning it it only blew 1 line and that was after i rubbed it against a wall.

    so id be going for a kubota, tak or yanmar in 1.5 ton size mostof these will fit through a garden gate.

    the micro <1ton are ok for the right job but slow and underpowered on jobs where you have the room, id stick to the 1.5 ton size.

    our little yanmar, i miss her :( stolen last xmas i learnt on her

  10. Lazer_Z

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