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School me on nozzles please?


LawnSite Member
Pensacola, FL
Ok, I want to extend the reach of a couple of my rotors but just a tad (a few feet here and there). I've got the Rainbird 5000 series. I'm surprised at how expensive and hard to find they are. The best price I can find is around $4 per tree after shipping. bLowes sells the 42 SA nozzles for $1.78 a tree but they don't fit 5000 rotors (found out the hard way). I can't make another purchase from the distributor without a lot more red tape. Home Depot doesn't even carry 42 SA nozzles, let alone 5000 nozzles. Does anyone know of a store chain or a good source online for the nozzles? Heck, all I really need is a bunch of number 3 nozzles and possibly one number 4 and a couple of 1.5's.

Now for the school me part. I assUme the low angle nozzles are mainly for windy conditions to reduce overspray and pattern distortion. Is that correct? What about the MPR nozzles? They seem to eat up a lot more GPM than the standard "Rain Curtain" nozzles. I'm just so cornfused...:dizzy: