School project...Help me please


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Hi I am a senior taking an economics class and I was given a project in which i have to start my own business. One of the options were lawn service, so I choose that. I was just wondering if anyone could provide me with some of the following information:

-Profit Data
-Poblems/Difficulties faced by companies in the industry
-General hours of operation
-Days off,Vacation, etc.


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Sammamish, WA
I am also a senior in HS. I have been runnning a yard maintenance business for 3 years. I am at about 15 lawns per week and plan hitting 20-25 sometime this year. I have my 2 best friends work for me. Labor typically runs about 1/3 your revenue. Last year, I grossed $16k and had $4.8k in expenses ($3.3k in labor & the rest in bark, etc.). I charge $25 to $30 for a lawn that would take 1 person about 45min to mow/trim/blow. I have 2 commercail Honda lawnmowers, a blower, trimmer, and 35 year old trailer I set up for mowing. I work Friday after school and Saturday with 1 or 2 friends for about 10-15 hrs per week. During the Summer I do and when I have time I do other jobs such as aerating, barking, etc. when I have time. On a full work day, you typically start at 9 so you don't piss off the neighbors. Problems I face is that Mexicans and Vietnamese guys always try and underbid everyone. They'll work for free. Obviously I dont' charge as much as large businesses because I don't have overhead, but I still get underbid by them alot. No offense, but theydrive prices down. Marketing and advertising is difficult. I found that if when I used to put flyers on peoples' doors, about 1 out of 50 called. I got a job from 1 out of 75. Advertising obviously doesn't work where I live. I don't advertise any more because my customers are always referring me to friends and family. Vacation is very difficult for me becasue I am my business. I don't have it set up where others do all of the work. I am always out working, so for me to go away costs more in labor. Iin general, I would highly recommend any high schooler to go out there and start mowing lawns because if you are good you will make 3x+ the money your friends do working the same hours.

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