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    Hello all

    I've been working for a local lawn care and landscape co. for the past few years since I got out of the Marine Corps and currently taking drafting classes at a Community College. I was wondering of advancing my degree to a University for Landscape Architecture is in the right path to becoming successful business SE WI. Any info towards that degree will be greatfully appreciated.

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    Landscape Architecture is a much different career than landscaping. You need to decide if you wish to be only involved with the design, working with building contractors, installers, etc as an architect. Being a Landscape Architect is considered a professional position, requiring a Professional Registration (ability to have authority, put your stamp on drawings, etc). If you merely wish to dabble in design with some PC software and then do the installations, then going the Landscape Architect route is not the right path.

    There are very few qualified to do proper design work for large projects (high scale homes, businesses or instutional complexes). There are many who work in smaller settings and can do an aduquate job without the LA degree and certifications. However, there are far too many who have a shovel, skid steer, truck, and all the tools and consider themselves designer/installer. Being a good designer requires far more than a shovel, and all the tools. The results of the work of the so-called designers are obvious. But, some buyers of these services don't care, they just want "some plants put in here." These approaches are void of good design work, plant knowledge, etc.
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    Thanks for the info on it guys.

    Man that software is expensive I should look around and see if I can get cheaper i.e. school store. And really not worried about the money issue with paying for college since I was discharged with a Honorable, with education benfits that the Military offer's plus the state for prior's is really good.

    I've always loved designing and drawing it out most of it off the top of my head. When I was a child I had lego's call me spoiled But like thousands of dollars worth it was pretty much the only toy I've ever owned. Fortantly I've passed them on to my brothers kids. Then went on with Architecteral Drafting and Designing in high school which I loved. Being a avid artist, got really bored sitting around the barracks, I liked drawing angels. And now working for a small company where I get asked about how things would look as a another mind other than my bosses made me want to do more than being a 9-5er

    Kind off the subject and as a old hobby of mine I was in the doctor's office reading, I think a time magazine that Landscape Architect's are designing skate parks. I know the california coast has them everywhere and now that our hometowns up in here in WI are starting to incorprate them into there park and rec systems.

    Thanks again

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