Schools In Over at the Off topic forum

Well you guys asked for it and there is 180 page views and not one serious reply.

If there is no interest I will NOT continue for I have better things to do with my time.

The study materials for the first part are no longer available. You were instructed to download and PRINT out the materials. If you did not follow the instructions you are SOL for you see you only get one chance to grab the brass ring in the REAL world.



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What the HELL are you talking about?? Because I missed something in the OFF TOPIC forum, I am SOL??
Who else has time to sit on a daily basis and monitor every topic?? Not me.


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Thank you for your time, I did download the info and I'm finding it very useful. If you have any other info for us young bucks who are just starting feel free to email me the info. Thanks, Gabe