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    First I'd like to say this a great forum

    I've been in this industry for some time now doing business with residential & commercial accounts. The only thing I haven't dealt with is public schools. I received a phone call from a local school yesterday asking for an estimate for mowing, I said sure & told him I'd give him an estimate. Then I started thinking how alot of schools are in financial trouble and was wondering if anyone has had any experience dealing with public schools?

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    Public schools in our area have their own maintenance workers. No such luck finding any work with any schools around here.
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    You would have to imagine most public schools would be looking for low end service and low end price.

    Most of the public schools in this area have one of the janitors mow with the school's Grounds Master or gang mower.
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    Might be trouble though. Gotta mow when kids arent out, or really even there. They will be waching out the windows at you, and then the teahers get mad, then the principal hears about it, then you wont hear the end of "YOU ARE SUCH A DISTRACTION!!!"Then you gotta put up with the fact if kids are around, big liability stuff there. Probaby better to look elsewhere.
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    I bid a few schools a couple of years ago and never got any. They wanted a per hour price and a list of the size of your tractor and width of bush hog. I called and explained that I use ZTR's and I could give a price per cut and would garantee it. They weren't even interested they said to bid according to the specs or it would be tossed out. The guy who got it uses a tractor and old mott mower and drives as slow as he can. Paid by the hour.
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    Geez, go figure, eh?

    The guy who got it uses a tractor and old mott mower and drives as slow as he can. Paid by the hour.
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    I read an article in our local paper this week about a county-owned facility that had accepted bids on some construction work that needed done. The article listed the company that won the bid, the bid amount, and went on to say that another company had bid $90,000.00 less than the company that won the bid, but since they did not submit their bid in duplicate, their bid was thrown out.

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    I do the public schools in my city. I do 6x schools, the administration building and 2x football fields. Nice good paying contract to have, some of the properties gets mowed every 3-4 days.
    We charge per 1000 sqft we mow and I can tell you, all the guys are wanting this contract.
    The only problem with schools is you can only mow after 4 pm when school is out. During breaks we mow during normal working hours.
    I had only one incident (touch wood) where a rock, picked up by the string trimmer shattered a window. $750 damage and my insurance paid for that.
    Next year I'm definitely bidding on this one again.
    I picked a few good jobs since I'm doing the schools and giving that as a reference.
    So, to you guys not wanting to do schools: you might want to reconsider. You wont regret it. Just bid right.
    The only job I would not like to do is a cemetry.
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    Hey ya'll
    I dont want to hijack this thread with someting off topic but, public schools are really cool!


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