scored bigtime on some mulch

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by METRO 36, May 21, 2006.

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    I had a client that wanted some mulch advertized at lowes with a 15 year color gurantie, She wanted 200 sq feet mulched at 2 inche's deep,I figured id need 1.3 yards or a truck load, or 17 bags.So i went and looked but they were out so i stopped by menards to take a look.They just had a load of mulch delivered yesterday and they tore lots of bags i guess, because they had a huge pile of discounted mulch river rock potting soil etc, I picked up 25 bags of shredded red wood mulch for a dollar a bag, 15 bags of double shredded cypress mulch for 2.oo a bag,and 20 bags of laval rock for 2.oo apiece, and abought 10 bags of river rock for a buck a bag.

    i got 40 bags of mulch for 55.00 bucks

    and i got 30 bags of rock for 50.oo bucks

    i just went nuts grabbing bags, anyway i figure it will come in use. For big jobs i just get it bye the yard but for small jobs were i only need a couple bags this will work real nice.

    Guess i went shopping on the right

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