Scott Jones lawn Care in KY???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Sep 17, 2009.

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    There was a company around here (northern KY) named scott jones lawn care, he was one of the biggest around here for a long time. But this season no one has seen any of his trucks? One of my friends was talking about this the other day and wondered what happened to them. They had like 450-500 accounts and always used white ford f250s with bright red 16ft trailers with all exmarks. They were the primary lawn service provider to triple crown, a very high end subdivision. Does anyone on here know anything about them or what happened to them? I figured they may have sold the company, but the only one large enough to buy them might be Brickman?! From what I have been told he was kind of an *******, he actually told his employees if they saw another lawn company advertising or yard sign, to take it down and NOT to wave at fellow lawn companies. A big no-no around here! Im just curious what happened to them?
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    My buddie work from them he was higher up in the company I think they had some problems of some kind he bought one of there old trucks and went off on his own its a 3/4 chevy 4x4 red.
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    Actually found out they went bankrupt and changed names that is why he quit there.
    I can't belive I wrote the post above I must have been tired or somthing LOL

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