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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by rouset, May 18, 2004.

  1. rouset

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    This is just for residential use, but I would appreciate the advice anyone would be willing to provide. I am considering purchasing a slightly used (40 hrs) Scott's 17.542 lawn tractor (made by JD). It includes a pull cart and 46" snow blade. I have a few concerns:

    Does anyone have experience using a blade with this size engine (17.5 HP Kohler) this enough HP to do a decent job? Wouldn't rear weights and/or chains be needed?

    Is the Scott's brand still on the market as made by JD? If not, would it be difficult to get service?

    Anyone had experience with the Scott/JD was the reliability? Maybe similar to the JD brand sold by Home Depot? (i.e. questionable quality)

    Thanks for the help!
  2. fixer67

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    All I an tell you about Scott's riding mowers is the Home Depot in my area dropped them because they were have so much problems with them. I had a store employee tell me that they had them piled up out back like fire wood where costumers had brought them back for one reason or another. The manager said it like this"It was decided that the Scott's riders did not serve the best interest of this store" or something like that. You may want to dig a little deeper in to this. I only know what I have been told. No first hand knowledge of them.
  3. Dupontcar

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    I know half a dozen people who bought the Scotts by john deere from Home Depot and they are all very satisfied. The reason I heard that John Deere dropped the line was because it was to nice of product for the money and the regular "green" machine sales dropped. The Scott's where basically like the Sabre line but red, and much cheaper to buy. My sister bought the 25hp, 54" cut with hydro trans. new for $2300.00 when Home Depot was dropping the line.
    Service can be handled through any john deere dealer so that should not be a worry for you.
  4. BladeRunner1967

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    I still own a 17.5 42" Scotts. It cuts well for an acre of land I own. I also work for the Home Depot. Depot made an agreement to sell John Deere's years ago. The problem was they didn't want to piss off their dealers. So they put the Scott's name on them and made them Home Depot orange. The dealers were somewhat happy when Deere told them how much money they were going to make servicing these units. So much that the dealers were cool with changing over to the Deere name. My store sells approximately 15 tractors a week. Times that by 1700 stores and that's a boatload of warranty work. Depot has a contract with Deere to sell the tractors at the exact same price as the dealers so the buyer has a choice to buy from. The local John Deere dealer gets paid to "PMI" the tractor when it first arrives at the store. They get paid good money to do this. Depot associates are too stupid to put together the tractor. LOL. If you have any other questions reguarding the Scott's tractor or Home Depot I will give you an honest answer. Thanks.

    FIRESCOOBY LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have the same mower. I currently have 50 hours and it is two years old. I have almost 1.5 acres, but half is very hilly. I have problems getting traction pulling my aerator.

    It is overall a good machine. My only complaint is that my 17.5 Kohler started smoking a little at idle. Doesn't notably use any oil between services. I service it every 15 hours, just for peace of mind.

    I'd buy it if it was a good price.
  6. Redneck'n

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    we generally dont care much for the Home Depot stores carrying JD's.. most of the other JD dealers i have spoken to pretty much feel like JD has kind of stuck all the dealers. JD's should not be carried in a box store.. that i know of, none of the 3 JD dealers in this area carry a contract with Depot for machine service anymore.. i do also know that at least 1 person from all the dealers in the area have been asked not to return to Depot because they were in Depot's l/g department informing customers that the "L100" series are a joke and they should visit the local JD DEALER to buy a real JD machine...

    now, my rant is done. as for the actual question at hand. the scotts mowers are what they are.. you get what you pay for.. and any JD dealer has the ability to get parts and service it.. whether they will or not is another thing...
  7. BladeRunner1967

    BladeRunner1967 LawnSite Member
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    Most dealers did loose the contracts to service the Deere's tractors. HD does not care about the dealers and is saving that almighty dollar. In Pa. we ship all of the power equipment (outdoor, drills, saws, pressure washers, etc.) to a place in NJ. They pick it up and a week later it is usually back. I was talking to the guy who takes care of this in my store and he told me they have 37 items to ship this week, and we own 35 of them. We have either exchanged the item for another for the customer, or just damaged the unit while it was on display. (This happens more than you think.) The two are customers that did not complain enough are being sent out to be fixed. lol
  8. flivermore

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    I have over 150 hours on my Scott's 17.542 and have had no problems with it at all. It has plenty of power to handle everything I have put it up to at this point and it cuts grass very well. It also seems to be pretty efficient on fuel if you have to use it a great deal.

    As with most products, there is something I don't care for and I have one. I wish they would have done something better with the tires. They don't grip as well as I would like when I go up moderately steep inclines. That could also be caused by the operator who is only 145lbs! All in all I'm happy that I bought it and I would buy another.


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