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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by FIREMAN Q, Aug 5, 2006.


    FIREMAN Q LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am new to this business and I am looking at ways to create more income. I want to start offering a fertilizer program. I know this will keep the lawn looking great as well as keep it growing.

    I was thinking of just using the Scott's 4 step program. Due to my lack of knowledge in the subject i figured that would be the easiest thing to do. Plus i figured that if I throw around the Scott's name it may make the sale a little easier.

    My other option is to go to my locale Lesco dealer (same town 10 min away) and just follow one of there programs.

    Looking for some advice from the pro's. What do you think my best option is?????

    thanks in advance
  2. golfguy

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    IMO Scotts products are over priced junk.
  3. hmartin

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    Start doing searches and reading in the pesticide and fertilizer forum. If you read enough you will find some fertilizer programs of quality people. You will learn tons. Scotts products are expensive and there are much better programs out there. Talk to someone at Lesco or another reputuable dealer.
  4. prostriper

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    Make sure you get a certified pesticide applicators liscence first. You can get the study materials and take the test at your local department of agriculture extension. Get caught without it and you could work for free for a year!
  5. DoetschOutdoor

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    IMO, Scotts is overpriced and it might be hard to make a good profit on it because of that. Go to your local seed store and start talking with them. They can tell you what you need for your area and probably carry better products. At my store, a bag of broadleaf weed control/fertilizer is like 17 bucks and the same product from scotts would probably run about $40. You are only paying for the Scotts name and its not worth it
  6. olive123

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    scotts sucks!:cool2:

    FIREMAN Q LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for all the input. I emailed CT-DEP and asked them what the deal was. Here is what the answer was. I copied the contact info for those in CT that might be interested.

    I looked at some of the requirements and it seems quite involved process and I'm sure it is a tuff test. Any one have any imput on ther experience getting certified??? Thanks again for the info and hope this helps

    "If you are applying just fertilizer (N-P-K) with no herbicides or insecticides incorporated into it, or doing a lime application, no certification is required. If you plan on offering a 4-step program, then you would need an ornamental & turf certification. Please see the attached document to download information in that category. Statutes and Regulations, Protecting Honey Bees, and model plans can be found under 'Additional Study Materials'. If you have problems downloading the info, call the office and we would be happy to send it to you. Classes are offered through the Co-operative Extension, but are not required. Candace Bartholomew is in charge of the classes (860-570-9010). Classes run October-December and then again January-March. Good Luck!"
  8. Norm Al

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    no professional i know would be caught dead with scotts products on their spray truck.
  9. boxsky

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    Received a promo pack in the mail today from Scotts. They supposedly have a hybrid KY blue grass that is heat and rain tolerate. Does not go dormant. Anyone know who's selling them this seed?
  10. mselainius

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    dont get scotts heat tolerant blue! the bluegrass isnt tolerant of heat, its just mixed with alot of tallfescue that looks horrible mixed together

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