Scott's Fertilizer...? Water Smart...? A few of my clients think it's the BOMB...?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Here is what I meant about thatch... it is not the brown mulch in the turf made up mostly of dead grass leaves, but rather is composed of living roots and stems as well...
    * "Thatch in lawns is often misunderstood; both its cause and control. Some lawns have serious thatch problems while others do not. Thatch is a layer of living and dead organic matter that occurs between the green matter and the soil surface. Excessive thatch (over 1/2 inch thick) creates a favorable environment for pests and disease, an unfavorable growing environment for grass roots, and can interfere with some lawn care practices. ..." **
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    I am a bit skeptical. The water smart ingredient is a starch-based water absorbent particle. Made by Zeba corp
    I would like to see side by side comparisons. If it was that good--they the Scotts treated lawns would not have died out during last year's drought like the rest of the grass in the country.

    I don't see how you can make a teaspoon of water do more than a teaspoon of water by absorbing it on a starch granule.
    Fertilizer absorbed better? I never had a problem with fertilizer not absorbing.
    So it pulls water out of the soil--and then--gives it back? Fine...why is this good? Does their fertilizer contain enough to do any good?
    I would like to see some university comparison trials.
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    I stopped coming to this site because every thread turned into a war of words between two or more people. PLAY NICE AND AGREE TO DISAGREE OR SHUT UP. STAY ON SUBJECT AND STOP WASTING PEOPLES TIME WITH IDIOT ARGUMENT

    That being said, Scotts is very very good at marketing. To quote PT Barnum, "Theres a sucker born every minute." Scotts makes billions off of this fact. You could be "The official lawn care company of major league baseball" if you wrote the MLB a big enough check. I don't know any serious pros that use the Scotts products available to homeowners. They DO make an excellent pro grade fert, but it is totally different from what they sell at the depot.

    Their product is junk, all or mostly quick release. Which does cause excessive thatch build up. It also kills beneficial organisms in the soil, most of it leaches out and into the waterways and aquifers.

    BUT, the goo news is, you can make some good coin off of it. Tine rake it, dethatch it, aerate the lawns. All of these are good money makers and can be done by unskilled labor. The debris composts down quickly and makes some nice compost too, which can be sold back to the same customers as a soil amendment
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    Here is a link if you want to apply your own water-absorbing gel.
    Absorbs 400 times it own weight in water--and releases it slowly.
    Someone please buy it and try it, to see if it really has any beneficial effect. Side by side tests with photos please.
    They claim about 50 percent reduction in water needs. Rain Maker.
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    I have been tempted to buy some Scott's for testing purposes only and compare it side by side... in my own, but I seriously don't want anyone to recognize me....holding a bag of this stuff or think in anyway I endorse it.
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    PHC Terra sorb !

    potassium-based co-polymer hydrogels are better than sodium-based ones. The problem with them is that they photodegrade. They need to be "installed" below the soil surface.

    You want something that is "water-smart" check out Hydretain!
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    The only thing I can think of is possibly less water loss to evaporation??
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    so if scotts is junk then what fertilizer do professionals recommend and where can it be purchased by the everyday home buyer...
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    People just want results. Scotts gives quick results. If it causes thatch? Oh well. Aerating and dethatching are part of lawn management.

    Homeowners should use half the recommended rate on their lawns. Spread out over the season.
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    Scotts isn't junk--it is fine. Usually about 30 percent slow release. Probably made in the same plants that make our stuff. Just different bags. They usually use methylene urea as a slow release.
    However it is difficult to find the percent slow release online.
    Until you look at their competition's website for a comparison table.

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