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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Nichols Lawn Care, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. Nichols Lawn Care

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    I have seen Scott's vehicles in the Cincinnati area appling a different type of grainual than what is sold in stores. It looks more forgiving for accidental burn strip in the yard. Does anyone know where to find it. Thanks
  2. ProMo

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    lowes has it here its scotts proffesional i believe, its in 10k bags
  3. f350

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    it's andersons 33/3/6 40%scu scotts doesn't use a homeowner type product for commercial lawncare
  4. ProMo

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    Messages: 1,468 "Scotts will continue to manufacture certain fertilizers used for golf-course maintenance. The Andersons and Nu- Gro will receive the revenue from the products and pay Scotts royalties on the items.
  5. They lie they lie they lie.

    I have seen Lesco products in that back of their vans. Hahahah, next time I will take a few pics and send em an email.
  6. ProMo

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    lmao hmmm maybe scotts makes lesco they make it for ace we dont have scotts around here but they do have a pro fert that isnt the fine stuff marketed to consumers
  7. tremor

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    LESCO owns & operates the largest PolySCU fertilizer plant in the world. It has, from time to time, made fertilizer for many other companies. There was a time when Scott's & Lesco partnered up to balance our individual use needs. But it was the other way around. We had larger manufacturing capacity than we had sales for. So we sold off the balance. Sometimes direct. Sometimes through brokers.

    As far as I know, at this time we don't make any Scotts fertilizers. Nor does Scott's make anything for us. Scott's Pro Line is currently owned & manufactured by The Anderson's.

    I know one Scott's Lawn Care franchise owner. The last time we discussed this matter, he indicated to me that a percentage of his purchases (I have no idea what %) must be with Scotts. But Scotts only manufactures the Consumer Line. The Anderson's owns the current Scott's Pro Line label book. So my buddy is actually using The Anderson's product (in a Scott's bag) for something like 2 or 3 rounds.

    He does buy the rest from us once the commitment is met.

    Hope this helps

  8. ProMo

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    sounds good to me i ussually use lesco sometimes sunnyland
  9. Nichols Lawn Care

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    I tried to look in the back of the van and the guy saw me looking in and came over and shut the door. Thanks for the in put I will try and look at Lowes and if not there at least I know the name of it .

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