Scotts L1742 Attatchments?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Adam.fbc, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Adam.fbc

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    My Name is Adam and I live in Auburn, Massachusetts. O recently purchased a Scotts L1742 lawn tractor and I am trying to find a blade or snow blower to fit this model.


  2. Marcos

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    Hi Adam.

    With all due respect, I don't think many people on this site are going to be able to help you because a 'Scotts' lawn tractor is actually a 'homeowner' type mower, and most of the folks on this site operate commercial quality equipment.

    If you wanted to pursue this I'd recommend looking up data about Scotts blades or snow blowers on their web site, getting the needed specs and sizes that are needed for mounting on your unit.
    Then you can maybe come back here armed with that info, looking for someone who can help you find something 'aftermarket' that you could order that would fit your Scotts.

    Or you could order directly from Scotts!
    (and get ripped off!) :cry:
  3. Heatman

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    Try your local John Deere dealer. The L1742 should he a JD model. I have the L2048 and got my bagger from my JD dealer. They also did all my warranty service work.
  4. LarryF

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    I'm not sure that's really true for this particular forum since this is called the "Homeowner Assistance Forum", but the following link may help. My personal opinion is that it would be no more expensive in the long run to get a good walk-behind snow blower which would be easier to operate and would be better at clearing snow. In another month or so, HD and Lowes will be getting rid of winter items at about 1/3 off. As an example, I picked up a brand new Airens 11HP snow blower for about $700 the year before last in February.

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