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    Equipment looks great man. I thought about buying a new JD z-mower but the dealer woulden't give me a demo. The price was tempting tho. it was like 3k less then the Exmark i bought.
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    Nice work/equipment, if already asked i applogize, but how many accounts are you at?

    Any plans for the up coming season?

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  4. scotts lawn care

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    Thats alot of green in those pictures. Have never ran a JD but around here not really to many people use them.
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    any pics of inside your trailer

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    What are the differences between the 7iron Pro and the 7iron II decks other than the 7iron II having fewer anti-scalp wheels and not having the thick metal around the deck?

    I have heard a TON of good things around the 7iron decks but I was just wondering about that.
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    nice work what made you go with the front mount mower a certain contract or what?
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    Like the equipment! I too have a striping roller for my z930. My southern grasses don't stripe near as good as the cool seasons you guys get into, but I like the way it smoothes out the cut on the bumpier campuses we have. And if there was any hope of getting any decent stripes on bermuda a roller would be the only way. Good looking equipment, truck, trailer and work. Top notch!
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    Here are some pics of the inside of the trailer during the mowing season. It's all packed in, glad i got a 24 foot!

    1200 179.jpg

    1200 182.jpg

    1200 184.jpg

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