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    I don't know their pricing in my area but they do a LOT of lawns around here. I know for a fact that do NOT use "Scotts" brand products either, they get their stuff from Lesco/JDL just like most everyone else around here. They are selling a lie basically.

    KS is right on about the growth. Here they are on the property every 5 to 6 weeks and they don't spoon feed either, they DUMP the fertilizer on at very high rates. They do more harm than good overfeeding the way they do. Tons of surge growth and after a few weeks they end up being as yellow as a lawn that hasn't been fertilized in a year. They also look terrible after mowing because of the insane growth the mower has to hack off all of the top growth leaving stems, and that's cutting at 3.25 to 3.5 inches. I unfortunately have to mow a couple lawns they do, and I despise them.

    How are they getting away with FALSE info on their SOS? If they applied Lesco with Barricade .28% with a EPA # of xxxxxx how are they getting away with telling the customer they applied "scotts + Halts". It's the wrong product name and would have to be the wrong EPA #! That's ILLEGAL the last time I looked.

    I also often see them spot spraying with a hand-can (broadleaf weeds obviously) in shorts and short sleeves!
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    At least they use liquids by you.

    I have been out doing estimates on rain days after we shut down and have seen them doing weed and feed granular apps. You can smell the 24-d.

    If if it is raining enough to shut me down, how the heck is their granular app doing anything.....except giving fodder for more restrictions on guys like me.
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    After I left scotts I went to Lesco/JDL for five years. They were using Lesco fert and seed, they just have it put into custom bags that have Scotts Lawn service printed on to them, Something any company can do if they are ordering truckloads at a time. The Lescos that were neighboring the Scotts branches would also stock a few pallets of fert simular to what Scotts had direct shipped so that they could supply a few extra pallets if the branch needed them at the end of the round. So they would run most of their round with the Custom Printed bags and then at the end they would be running the bags with the regular Lesco labels. As far as labels go, they would use the Scotts patened names, but use the generic forms that they could get in 30-55 gallon droms. For example they say they use GrubEx, they use fert w/ merit, they say Ortho Home Defense for their home insect treatment, they use talstar liquid and granular.

    As far as their pricing goes, and a national discount, think of it this way, if you go in a buy a few bags a round you pay one price, they guy buying a pallet a round pays less, a few pallets pays less than that guy. Buy a few truck loads a round and you'll save even more. Now combine all of those truck loads each branch is using each week across the country, thats a lot of buying power. Most distributers will bend over for them because of the amount of national sales, they would rather only make a tiny profit margin off of them, if it meant that another distributor wouldn't get the sale.
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    When I first started out and lawncare was in its infancy for this area, TGCL was the national brand. I was a 'Complete Service Scaper' minus the herbicide aspect of the business. Mainly because I had no interest in that direction.

    Joe's Squirt&Fert was no different than the 'National Chain' and their 6 Step Program... and then I realized that 'all' lawns were being treated the same, no matter the kind of grass, climate, soil, irrigated/nonirrigated, etc., etc.

    The ONLY time Scott's/TGCL would become an issue of competition with me is IF I imitated them and played by their rules. The 6 Step Program is so mentally challenged that I don't even consider their 'talking points' anymore.

    If a client believes in the 'experts' or the 'big boys' then the client, will not understand[/]b the... Talking Points either!!!

    I do what I do best and am unconcerned about any and all, competition... :)
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    I dont know what branch you are referring to but I can't think of one that does this! I will absolutely defend this because I have been with them for the past 10 years. We have never used a lesco product out of our market (5 branches). I am proud to be the only service out there that uses there own products. We could order lesco if we tried.
    Rates... I know several guys with other companies and our rates are no different that anyone else. There is no over applying, read the label... there are limits to how much product can be applied. I don't really think you're thinking clearly if you your saying Scotts over dumps product down on lawns. Do you not think there is a cost issue with that? I couldn't understand that rationale if you explained a hundred times.
  6. Jason Rose

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    Old thread but nothing has changed with them here since. Have witnessed them spraying for weeds in 30+ mph winds, spraying in short sleeves, no gloves, etc. They still over apply by double what the lawns need in our area. I'm VERY thankful that my last customer that was using them finally decided to switch to me instead. After having to mow 2 times per week for 5 weeks this spring to keep up with the 8 to 10 inches per week of growth, and they just kept throwing down the fert! No lawn in our area needs 7 to 8 lbs of N per season, but that sure looks like what they shoot for.

    I'm glad to hear they aren't all like this and that you enjoy working for them!
  7. threepointchamp

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    Just felt like doing a search to see what came up. I know we are bashed...not as much as TG but still, crap like that bugs me. During the summer months , I have given our guys approval to roll up there sleeves but everyone is thoroughly trained to know what is right and wrong. Everyone is licensed and that is on the exam.
    At the same time, grass growth has as much to do with the amount of moisture the lawn receives as it does with how much product is being applied. Unless you are taking soil samples, how do you know how much N is being applied. Putting down that much N would require the rate per app at to be at like 5lbs/1000 with the product we use.
    And now that I think about it, there are still a handful of franchised locations. I work for one of the 100+ corporate owned locations.
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    The problem with Spring applications,,, they are done way too early in order that your company makes money from the time the snow leaves in the Spring until it returns in the Winter...
    That type of programming may fit your wallet,,, but it is detrimental to the grass... This part off Wisco is supposed to expect 4# of N/season, but even that figure is high... we basically have enough viable growing season for 3 apps on the highest maintenance fertilizer application imaginable,,, but there is no way we could put down 1.33 pounds of N 3times per year... Summer burnout is on the lawns of all the 7step program wannabees...
  9. phasthound

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    Just curious, what type of soil sample test will tell how much N has been applied?
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    I guarantee you the scotts around here does the exact same thing. We have had 2 customers that used scotts. Those two grow two to three times faster than any of our other 70 lawns we cut. We cut so much off of them every 7 days it has no choice but to leave a mess and force us to double and triple cut. Honest to god I bet in the spring we are cutting 6 to 8" off every 7 days. That is uncalled for and starting this october it becomes illegal for them to apply that much nitrogen.

    Starting october 1st you can not apply more than .9lb per 1K and the yearly total can not be more than 2.5lb per 1K. Also no more phosphorous unless it is to be used in conjunction with seeding (starter fert applied while seeding).

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