scotts pro select fert.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by old oak lawn, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. old oak lawn

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    any one use it? good or bad. lowes sells it here. looking at 24-0-11 with poly-s covers 12,000 sq 50 lb bag lowes $22.97 lesco $38.49. is lesco better ? bouth cover 12.000 sq. so what you all think. thanks. john
  2. Whitey4

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    Most people will bash Scotts/Ortho/Miracle-Gro products, (same corporation) but especailly for home owner use, some of it isn't bad.... but I will say some of it is. Got any more info on this fert? How much of it is slow release?

    When do you want to apply this formulation? Is this an apples to apples comparison? Any pre-emergent chemicals involved in either product?

    Actually, the Scotts stuff isn't bad quality wise, it's their application rates and formulations I don't care for. That 4 Step program is a perfect example. The Step one product isn't bad, it's just has too much notrogen in it. Apply it at a lower rate than they recommend, and then the pendi pre-emergent AI won't be high enough to prevent breakthrough. They don't allow for differences between a Zoysia lawn and a cool season grass lawn. Zoysia needs less N. Put it down at the recommended rate, and you get too much spring top growth for either Zoysia or cool weather grasses. It also should have more slow release N, especially since it's only a 4 step program.

    Step 3 has grub control in it whether you need it or not. Some of the Scotts straight fert formualtions are pretty good. Use it at lower rates than they say. Don't combine your first fert app with a combo product, use a seperate app for a crabgrass pre-emeregnt, and apply it twice 2 months apart if it is a pendi-based formulation. That way you can cut down on the N, use a slower release formula, and get better crabgrass control with two applications.

    I wrote this thinking you are not certified, and you are a home owner. If that isn't the case... you should have known the answer already. If you are an LCO just doing ferts, study up a bit. Doing ferts without some pesticide use generally won't get good results without some weed control.

    Find out a bit more on this formulation. It might be fine. Just know enough to change their recommended application rates. A lb of N for a spring fert per 1 thousnad sq feet is too much, and Scotts usually has too much fast release N in it to boot. They do have better formulations, but not that 4 step program.
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    I was wondering the same thing. I purchased some @ Lowe's for $17.00 a bag. When the Scotts Winterizer for 15000 square feet was around $45.00. At this time of year when you still have one more feeding left does it really matter.
  4. old oak lawn

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    no reason to ask for help on this form. some people know it all and if you are not certified they will not help you and if you are well you should not have to ask a question. and i do own my home mr whitey4 thanks.
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    Where are you? This late in the year around here it won't matter. Buy the cheaper fert.
  6. tremor

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    VA huh? How much growing season matters. If the bargain stuff is all mineral you might save it for later.

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