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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by muddstopper, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. muddstopper

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    First, I dont do any commercial mowing.
    I have a person that owes me money and he is wanting to trade a 20 or 25 hp not sure which, 52 in cut Scotts mower, Hydro. Has 114 hours. I havent seen the mower but he claims its like new. I own a Ventrac with a 60in mowing deck I do my mowing with but my wife doesnt like hooking up the mowing deck so I am thinking about doing the trade so she will have a mower she can use without having to hook up the Ventrac when she wants to mow. What I want to know is if anybody has any experience with the scotts mower as to how reliable it is. My lawn is fairly sloped in some areas and I am concerned that the Scotts wont be able to climb up and down the hills. He has already replaced the electric clutch and belts which is setting off alarms inside my head as this might be more problems than its worth but since I havent used a Scotts mower before I dont know what to expect. He says he wants $800 for the mower, again I dont know if this is a good price, he owes me more than that amount and I am pretty sure he will pay me what he owes so its not a matter of just taking the mower to recoupe something owed. Lets hear opinions.
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    Home Depot was selling them last year and they are not selling them this year, hmmm, gotta wonder ? $800 does sound like a good price though, I would definitely try it out first.
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I owned a JD Sabre, same excact same as a Scotts except the color. Was one of the sorriest POS I ever owned. In 6 months replaced entire engine, 4 front ends, 8 traction belts, 5 deck belts, and one entire deck. I literally give the mower away after 1 year. It was used about 4 hours a week on 2 small yards. Home depot here quit carrying them because of all the problems they were having on returns. However thats not saying you cant get a good one, mine was not one of them.

  4. SLS

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    Back around 1999/2000 Home Depot was carrying two different lines of Scotts mowers. One was a John Deere built mower and had a Kohler Command engine. I have one of these that I mowed with my first year (around 900 hrs use-15 residential accounts at year end) with ZERO problems...except I did replace the ignition switch last year. No biggy. I still use it to pull a spreader, dethatcher, aerator, ect. It's a 16 hp with a 42in. deck.

    Maybe I got lucky...but I do maintain my equipment religiously.

    The other version of the Scotts mower was made by another company (MTD???) and came with a Briggs & Stratton engine. I don't know a thing about how these B&S equipt mowers hold up.
  5. sawman65

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    be carefull right around that year murray also made mowers for scotts
  6. jodyand

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    MTD never made a mower for Scotts it was Murray. Home depot still sales the Scotts its just call Johndeere G100 or G110. It is a good GT and it should last a good long time if and thats if you keep up with the maintenance
  7. Itsgottobegreen

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    I do some equipment maintain on home owner machines. (the joke in my neighborhood, I will cut your grass or fix your lawn mower, somehow I am going to get money out of you) I have replaced an entire Kohler engine on one, Tranny on another, etc. They are junk. I wouldn't buy it. You have problems. All this new homeowner stuff is only designed to last 5 to 7 years. So i bet you will be replacing it soon anyways.
  8. muddstopper

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    I appreciate all the replies, I have decided to pass on the mower. Couldnt convince myself that I needed a spare mower just to mow my lawn, ha. I think I'll just get my wife a small push mower to use right around the house, she shouldnt be on the steeper areas anyways.
  9. MMLawn

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