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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mathproshs, Oct 28, 2004.

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    Just purchased Lebanon Fungicide to control a rust issue in my yard. The product is designed to be used on a Scott's Accupro on the H or M setting or rotary R7X(F/J)/R8A(J/L). Does anyone know what these settings are on the Scott's SpeedyGreen 3000? I do not have the original owners manual. Wish Scott's had these online. Are the Speedygreen settings the rate of pound per 1000 square feet.

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    Lebanon will not have calibrated their fertilizer for a homeowners spreader since they are designed for professioanl use. However, you can "easily" calibrate it the same that pro doing your lawn would. Pros do not rely on the number on th bag -- they do it this way (as described on purdues website)

    Calibrating a Rotary Fertilizer Spreader

    1. Measure the width of the effective pattern of the spreader: This is simply the distance from the center of the spreader to the edge of one side of the pattern. ________ft.

    2. Measure off a convenient distance to run the spreader: the longer the distance, the more accurate the calibration. ________ft.

    3. Multiply number in step 1 by the number in step 2 to calculate the area covered by the spreader. ________ft2

    4. Weigh a portion of the product and dump into spreader. ________lb.

    5. Push the spreader over the area previously measured in step 3, being careful to shut the spreader on and off precisely at the beginning and ed of the course.

    6. Weigh the amount of product left in the spreader. ________lb.

    7. Subtract the number in step 6 from the number in step 4. This is the amount of product applied to the area you have measured. ________lb.

    8. Divide the number in step 7 by the number in step 3 to give lb. product per square foot. ________lb./ft2

    9. Multiply the number in step 8 by 1000 to give lb. product/1000 ft2 ________lb./1000 ft2

    10. Adjust the spreader setting and repeat the process until the spreader is applying the recommended rate listed on the bag.
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    I love it. Drop the $$ on fungicide, but have a crappy Scotts Spreader. First step is throw that POS in the garbage and buy a good spreader. Top of the line would be the Lesco stainless steel. I think they're around $400 includig tax. Will last you forever. Earthway makes a decent one. They range in price from $100 to over $400. Get one with pneumatic tires. If you're gonna spend big $$ on the top line Earthway, buy the Lesco. Easier to get parts for it, IMO a better spreader.
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    A better question is why apply a fungicide for rust. What a waste of money.

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