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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by dirtforlife, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. dirtforlife

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    My old Scott's rotary spreader is about to be retired. The plastic spinning piece under the drop area is getting brittle and several fins have cracked. It doesn't have a model number,so I don't know what model I have, but it looks like a heavy duty commercial spreader. It will hold a 50 lb bag or more. I called Scott's and they said they would send me a voucher to get a "Free" Scott's spreader. They said their spreaders are guaranteed replacement for life? That's cool...I've had this spreader for 10 years or more.They said they would replace it with one from Home Deport or Lowes but I want a commercial one like I had, not a cheap one. My old one has metal wheels, hard fiberglass looking bucket, metal handle with metal lever, etc. scott's said if I found one made like mine, they would give me a commercial voucher for a free one.

    Anyway, What commercial model do you guys suggest?

  2. Victor

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    Is it an R8 possibly?
  3. naughty62

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    could be r8 ,or a anderson ap-2000 or sr -2000 with a scotts sticker on it.Look on the bar with the setting scale .Some have the model stamped on the bar .What are the setting ranges c-z ,1-24 ?
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    Is it stainless steel? If they are metal wheels, are the tires inflatable or hard rubber? When i started at Tru Green (1977) we had the old hard rubber type wheels, orange wheels with green fiberglass hopper. We found we could stand on the spread if you were having trouble climbing a tall fence. Model R-4 or R-5 maybe. You can replace the impeller with a new one. Or...get some epoxy or hot glue, cut some plastic bottles and glue some new plastic fins on the impeller. You are good to go for another 15,000 miles.
  5. dirtforlife

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    The scale is A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S

    Not SS, Tires are hard rubber. It says Scotts Rotary on the front side of the bucket. Metal wheels look Orange or Red. Pretty sure a fiberglass hopper, grainy looking.. No replacement parts are available.

  6. dirtforlife

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    pics of the spreader



  7. Frank Fescue

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    OUCH time for a new spreader. I think that spreader pre-dates certain varities of grass.

    The impelor is pretty chewed up but other than being an ancient rustbox it looks ok. I wasnt aware Scotts guarenteed spreaders for life, if so take what they give you. I'd try to keep the hopper if you like its durability
  8. indyturf

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    I wonder if a lesco impeller would work? You could take yours off and take it to lesco and compare it to theirs. they look very similar.
  9. MStine315

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    Exactly what I was thinking. The shut off plate and gearbox/impeller assembly look VERY similar to Lesco's old style spreader (not the current version). Take it to a Lesco and see if the parts match up. I'll see if I can look up some part numbers for you. Good Luck.
  10. MStine315

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    I looked for part numbers with no luck, sorry. But the more I think about it, I wonder if Lesco's pneumatic wheels will fit too? It'd be better than those skinny, hard rubber things.

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