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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by gilbert, Dec 7, 2003.

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    My lawn is fescue, almost 8 seasons old (2 years). I've already applied summer and winterizing treatments of fertilizer. Both times using Scotts annual program. Both times I've strictly followed the directions on the bag. Both times I've encountered minor burning. Is this due to a too high nitrogen level in those fertilizers(29-3-4 for the summer treatment/ 22-3-14 for the winterizer)? At the summer feeding I assumed the high temps were to blame (high 90's). I've been checking out my neighbors yards (seems as everyone's using Scott's) and they are showing similar burns. I've been doing some research and asking advice from landscapers and I keep hearing 16-6 or ironite. I live in a newly built subdivision in southern California. The fall temps at night are getting down to around 40 degrees and 78 during the day. I water less frequent good soakings to keep from dumping more water on soil that is still damp from the previous watering. My drainage is ok and I've aerated my lawn in early fall. Other than the slight burning my lawn looks ok, as far as growth rate and natural color, with no grubs or weeds. Can anyone offer any advice on the benefit of 16-6 and/or ironite as opposed to the Scotts program? Thanks.

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    Might try posting some pics. With the high N that was applied during your hot and dry summer this year and depending on the amount of water applied/not applied, probably burn from to much N and lack of water. I had the same thing happen last year w. some of my lawns since we had a moderate drought and temps were in the upper 90's for quite some time. Reseed asap if you can and you'll be ok for now. Ironite is a nice product since it is supposedly not going to burn your lawn and I applied this fall at 15lbs/1000 and have a the greenest lawn around w/ no fert applied since Sept and a ton of rain has fallen.

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