scott's water saver fert

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mrkosar, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. mrkosar

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    probably a marketing scheme, but has anyone checked out the label on this fert? curious what is in it and how they can claim this.

    i have to say they are smart even if it has no organic matter or whatever they claim will make it need less water. $30 million marketing campaign into the product it better get some sales.
  2. Runner

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    It is a farce. Essentially a sham...much like mos of the other marketing "schemes" from this company. Another fancy term to appeal to customers,...meaning NOTHING. It has a whopping 4% potassium to gow deeper roots, which after all, IS a whole percent higher tha their traditional 28-3-3 blend. Just look at it this way,...they increase their potash content for the homeowner by 25%.
    Now, compare that to many of us who are using 11 - 12% on most of our applications, and that is meaningless, but when Mr. Johnson sees this on the tv ad, and sees the trademarked "watersmart" label on the beautiful shiny colorful bag, well,....he is sold on it. Someone on here recently summed it up the best when they said the package it comes in is worth as much if not more than the product in the bag.
  3. americanlawn

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    If the bag says "Scotts" on it, it must be good.:laugh:

    This is the same CHEESEWAD company that threatened us a few years back. :hammerhead:

    We were the largest purchaser of Scotts products in our state. (Cindy Flack was our sales rep, Columbus, OH), but once Scotts Lawn Care expanded to our area, all hell broke loose. :confused:

    Out of the blue" ", we received THREATS from their attorneys (from Washington, DC) via regestered letters. They told us we could nolonger use the Scotts logo in our ads. We found this odd because our Scotts sales rep (Cindy) asked us to feature Scotts fert bags in our TV commercials :confused:-- which we did, as a favor to SCOTTS). We could not even tell our customers that we were using Scotts fertilizer.:confused:

    Cindy soon lost her job as Scotts had downsized their operations.

    So if anybody wants me to recommend Scotts (in any sort of way), I will tell them what I actually know about "them"....first hand. And it ain't pretty.:walking:

    p.s. If anybody from the O.M. Scotts & Sons Company is reading this, and would like to respond.............PLEASE PLEASE do so. I know you won't, cuz I speak the truth, and we consider you a piece of sh$t!!!!

    TRUTH hurts -- your word means NOTHING..................Sleep on it!
  4. pieperlc

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    I haven't seen or heard of the product your questioning, but my guess is that it probably has some sort of water holding polymer in it. Probably the 'soilmoist' type of product. How much? That's anyone's guess, but probably not much, and it won't make a difference at all.
  5. tlg

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    No polymers. It's just fert with a watering program. It's not some magic in a bag. Scott's just tells the homeowner how to mow high, how much to water, leave the clippings down for moisture content....blah, blah, blah. It's quite a marketing scheme. Who wouldn't buy if they thought it would save them from watering all the time. We all know that a good healthy lawn can be more drought tolerant. Proper fertilizing is part of it. Scott's know there are plenty of watering issues in this country. They are playing the environmental card here you can bet.
  6. Hissing Cobra

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    Maybe they've got hidden water reserves in each pellet. That way when there's no rain, it'll leach out the water and viola! Your lawn is instantly watered.:cool2:
  7. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Haha. Don't hold back, tell us how you REALLY feel.
  8. humble1

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    kind of like the placebo(sp?) when people go in for a new headache medicine trial, 50% are given a sugar pill but not told, many of the people believe it works headace gone wow. Tell them the lawn will use less water, and is greener joe homeowner believes it.

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