Scratching my head now for sure.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by PEVO, Oct 11, 2012.

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    Can a 3 way fuel selector valve screw up like this?? Super-z w 28efi. Had fuel pumped to overfull(forcing it's way out of the cap) from my left tank to my right tank, all the while the selector was on the right tank. Again yesterday...had the right tank selected but drew out of the left. Looked inside the tanks...right 3/4 left in it & the left looked almost dry(what i could see anyway).

    Later i looked at the tank levels after sitting a couple of hrs & WTF??...more fuel magically appeared in the once almost empty left tank! & it looked like the right tank level dropped.

    I'm thinking my selector has to be bad. That has to be it because i checked & rechecked the pickup & over pressure overflow return lines & they are hooked up correctly.

    Also the fuel pump & regulator line routing is correct too!

    I'm going to run it today with the left tank selected & see what happens regardless of tank levels when i start out.

    Anybody else run across this kinda crap?.....& no i'n not drunk either:hammerhead:
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    Yeah, they will go bad, the seals start leaking or just plain get chewed up.
    You should also take a look at the fuel line check valves, should be one in each line to prevent back/cross flow.
    With the valve being bad, it will draw from both tanks. With the checks being bad, it will level out when sitting.
    You might can clean 'em, but best to replace the whole shebang.
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    Thanks for the reply. As far as in-line check valves in the return fuel lines, my super-z doesn't have em. But i guess i'm going shopping for one of the $60.00 valves. Thats what Hustler wants for them anyway. Thanks again

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