Screamin green!!!! anyone have some testimonials!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassman177, Dec 2, 2009.

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    See the above link for a side by side comparison pic, as well as a very good discussion on the topic.

    Hope this helps, let me know if there are more questions about my experiences.

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    hey hokie, thanks man. you used this for 2009? so you expereinced good growth pattern void of spikes?? and did resistance hold up and do you think the OM is the reason? how was the green overall
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    Used it in 09 again pic is from 08

    No spikes in growth, lots of rain though, which on Tall Fescue this year the grass just kept growing. We cut back on the N and it held its color.

    Most of the the turf we use the NP product on is cut taller, usually at 4" so this helps tremendously as well.

    No scientific data to back up what I saw but I can tell you that IMHO by adding OM, the roots are healthy thus the stand of turf in a lot of areas began to fill in and become thicker without adding any seed.

    I am telling you guys, I have lawns that we put out the same amount N from sources including scu, mesa and NP, the NP lawns held color longer and always seem to be the ones with a better disease resistance.

    Honestly, I fear the day my competitors start using this product, it is, I feel, a bit of an edge we have over the other guys right now.

    I have an account that we service almost 250 lawns for, we used the NP in 08, and tried to save everyone money in 09 "due to the economy" and after the first round we went back to the NP. Why? my friends customers wanted to know what we were doing different the lawns just werent the same as last year, not green enough etc. We switched back to the NP and no more problems.
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    great, thanks. i will be trying t use it for a couple rounds at least for 2010.
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    Tried both during the past two years. We treat nearly 3000 accounts. Spose that might be a large enough test? PM me if you want the results that we saw, cuz I ain't gunna badmouth members in public. Unless they criticize my voting rights like phasthound did. Hope this is fair for all. I always reply to PM's on this site. Thanks. :usflag:

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    Tried both what???

    We're not asking you to give an opinion on a member:hammerhead:

    We're asking for opinions on a product.

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    I understand what you're saying, but there are other people you can buy NP products from-Barry hasn't got the corner on the market.... So you wern't happy with results? I've been told this by several others already:confused:
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    more info liberty landscaping!!! what have you been told and is it reliable and what were the specifics of the so called users who weren't happy, what product used etc!? thanks
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    It is important to be specific when talking about this stuff. Was it a 16-2-3 or a 5-8-5 or another, was it the weed control or the long term green up, they did not like the way it spread????

    too many variables to know what you are saying
    It is understandable if it did not work for you but why? There are many that stand behind "their program" because it works for them
    We have been working closely with the NP product and Barry for over 2 years and I have never heard an issue

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