Screamin green!!!! anyone have some testimonials!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassman177, Dec 2, 2009.

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    Actually soil microbes get a boost following most agrochemical treatments. Remember Oftanol for grubs? The soil biologist girl at the CT Ag Station tried to tell me I was causing thatch by killing microbes. I agreed that chlordane caused thatch but Sevin or Diazinon? Never.

    Well she continued along that train of thought through the 1980's then she was gone. She resurfaced in the news following the EXXON Valdeez incident.

    She was part of the team of microbiologists that identified, cultured and bred bacteria that was used to clean up the spilled petroleum.

    They learned of "enhanced microbial degradation" from Mobay (before Bayer). Their oftanol was failing miserably. Bacteria in the soil would gradually ramp up after every lawn care treatment. By the third consecutive season the bacteria population would be just large enough to eat all the Oftanol before the grubs could get their own toxic dose.

    She never did thank us for the lessons.
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    A little off topic but we also had some interesting results in trials as a nematicide in warm season turf this year

    At the University of Florida they used a control, us and nemacure. They applied once and took nematode counts each month, ours did not perform as we had hoped, minimal difference but the nemacure applied counts were taking off and soon through the roof it was if they really liked that stuff

    I called and asked the good professor, his reply was "Enhanced microbial degradation of fenamiphos, basically pathogen enhancing soil"

    I thought it was interesting, we will trial again this year with after tweaking the product, that is what trials are for, if it works great, if not tweak and try again
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    Nice to see you back on Tremor.
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    I just did a bunch of reading of studies on soil microbial degredation from herbicides. Thanks for the links dirtandhoops. I found some others, too.

    From what I can gather, the answer is yes and no. It seems some do negatively interfere with the herd, while others are fed upon by the herd.

    Damn!! Why can't things be as simple as we would like to believe they are? :dizzy:
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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    nice posts guys, hey tremor i remember you around, where you been?

    my whole goal is to always use as little pesticide as needed and concentrate on root and shoot density. this is one of the main reasons i am looking at the NP products. the screamin green is what i understand to be a bridge kind of hybrid product . i hope to gain ground and interest here for the more expensive truly natural soil ferts and add that to my program choices.

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    How much was it per bag. I have been reading and this product might be a whole lot easier than top dressing yards after aerating. Thanks
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    was wanting to revive this thread and hear some more users after the year we just had, your conditions and such and how it performed!!!!

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    No input from me yet...but I just split a semi load with Rabbitman!

    We anted to give it a try.

    We are looking foreword to seeing what kind of results we get from it compared to our regular program.

    See...I have an open mind!


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