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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JMMack, Feb 22, 2013.

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    A lot ta weighs to skin a cat.

    A string line is nice because it allows you to see what's going on, allows you to see imperfections in the base, where as a laser does not.

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  2. ryhenry09

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    uhh, no. Your telling me you can not see whats going on with a laser in the base? Maybe need some help operating a laser.

  3. big daddy b

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    In my opinion it's a lot easier with string lines. You string line it, you can see across a whole plane where the imperfections are. With a laser you can only spot check it for highs or lows.
    But it also depends on exactly what you're doing, square patio versus curved 3ft wide walkway.
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    Exactly right. Well said.

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    hmm "screed" is a new term to me.

    I usually set pipes low for crush height, tamp (repeat these steps if the crush depth is a lot), then I set my pipes to my final height and use screenings as my final base.

    If i'm not using pipes then I am leveling by hand. I am fantasic with the rake, but I think no matter how good you are it will not get you perfect heights or slopes, and has a big potential for dips in your interlock which obviously will lead to water pooling
  7. EgansCountryGardens

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    Yeah. A laser is great for setting your points, but how are you going to spot check with it if you have your patio pitched one way , or sometimes pitched two ways like a compound pitch. There is always a need for the string.
  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    Over the years I've made mention that we set our bases using a string line and line level. And everytime, someone has either told me I'm a fool or has questioned this.

    Folks - patio installation is physical labor. And it's also a craft. No computers are used in the installation aspect of patio building. I realize that a string line and $2 line level sound old school to some. But sometimes old school still out performs technology.
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  9. jbailey52

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    I agree with string levels. The only times my guys will even set up the laser, is when they are setting grades and elevations for level walls, or steps where they can scribe the lines. For slopes, they always use a string.
  10. 1idejim

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    For 40 years we set all hard points with a transite/dumpy level. A lazer is not as accurate as one might think.

    We also screed/rod all sub base for uniformity.
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