Screeding sand, scattered light showers....

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by viet_jon, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. viet_jon

    viet_jon LawnSite Member
    from ontario
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    should I scrap the sand, and start all over?

    we've been getting light scattered showers every 1-2 hours.....

    what are the implications if I continue?
  2. zedosix

    zedosix LawnSite Silver Member
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    Lay the brick and don't sweat it. Seriously, we've laid brick most this summer on wet sand, what little if any difference it makes isn't worth the 850 dollars it cost me for a load of it.
  3. DVS Hardscaper

    DVS Hardscaper LawnSite Fanatic
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    The politically correct answer is that the sand must be bone dry when you lay pavers.

    However, in the real world, thats not possible, as Zedo more or less stated.

    We have set pavers in wet sand.

    And we have NEVER suffered ANY repercussions as a result from doing so.

    Use your judgement :usflag:
  4. viet_jon

    viet_jon LawnSite Member
    from ontario
    Messages: 22


    I wanted to check and make sure, so I don't later kick myself for it.

  5. JimmyStew

    JimmyStew LawnSite Senior Member
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    The correct answer is...scrape the sand up, pack up the tools and go home! I am so tired of working in the rain!!!!

    Seriously though, we are in the same boat you are. We have had showers or steady rain almost everyday this summer. It's getting real old. We've done a few paver jobs and the sand was damp on all of them with no reprecutions.

    On a side note, the last walkway we did, finished up week before last, we had the walk all laid out, it was about 4:30 and we were sweeping the poly sand into the joints when a shower hit. I've never seen guys run so fast to get tarps from the truck! Funny thing was, the shower lasted about 5 minutes, and just down the road about a half mile - not a drop!
  6. zedosix

    zedosix LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,665

    I hear ya! Off and on here for near 2 and half months now. We've had some real close calls on the poly sand.

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