Scroll Bending and Welding

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    Here is my latest welding project, something I just recently started doing. I purchased a set of scroll benders from Harbor Freight and using an old mig welder I recently purchased went to work. The mailbox stand is 9 feet tall, with 2 feet allowed for burial in concrete.

    I built this box for my niece's business location. I've also built a custom fixture so that all of my bending tools will drop into a 2" receiver hitch I installed on my lawn trailer.

  2. Very nice work. I know you have some hours in that piece.
    Did you paint the sign yourself?
  3. vipermanz

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    that's an amazing job there, bet you got sore after that!, looks like it was worth it though!!
  4. Mr.Ziffel

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    Very nice project. Did your bender come with instructions or did you learn how to do this somewhere else? I'm interested in doing this but haven't been able to find a good how-to book. Any help is appreciated.
    Will M>
  5. olkeith

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    Here are a couple of links for those interested in buying a scroll bender;

    If you decide to check out Harbor Freight use the "Find Item Search Box" and put in this number 36131. This will bring up their item number ITEM 36131-1VGA which is on sale for $109.00. This set includes a scroll bender, a twister and a bending/riveting/rolling tool.

    The Scroll bender is simular to MetalCrafts Mark 3/3 at $435.00
    The Twister is simular to MetalCrafts Practical Twister at $190.00
    The Bender/Riveter is simular to MetalCrafts Master Riveter at $485.00
    The total of these three tools is $1110.00 and the Harbor Freight set although not exactly the same is $ save a thousand dollars.

    If you visit Metal Craft at;

    MetalCraft has a Tool Demonstration Video in the Online Store section of their web site that you can order for 3 bucks, the video is great and it will answer a thousand questions concerning how to bend and what you can do with these tools. Buy the Video from MetalCraftUSA, I learned almost everything I know up to this point by watching the video and I bought their plans book as well.

    Sadly Harbor Freight doesn't have any of the other tools that MetalCraftUSA does so if you want to purchase other tools you are back to paying the higher prices. MetalCraftUSA does have a couple of small scroll benders that are low cost, the Mark 1/2 is $44.00 and the Mark 2/2 is $65.00.

    I really recommend that everyone consider purchasing the HF set. Even if you arent interested in doing this type of work the Riveting/Bending tool is great for any workshop. The money you can save making your own tool hangers, garden hose hangers, U-bolts and other little bending jobs that come up is really worth the money spent.

    I put a coat of primer and two top coats of enamel on the mailbox. Painting is the worst part of doing this kind of work.

    Believe it or not this is actually very east to do and isn't physically demanding at all. Everything was done in the shop, the ten scrolls you see on the left side took about 15 minutes to bend and they are all exactly the same. I used a stick welder for the main structure and a mig welder to attach the scrolls (tack welds).

    I bough a cheap set of bolt cutters to cut flat bar with and then purchased an abrasive saw to cut the square tubing. I think all total I have about 400 bucks in all of the tools I purchased so it isn't very expensive to do and you can manke more great stuff than you can imagine. I have already sketched a trimmer rack for my Dixie Chopper, it will be my next bending project.

    Do a search on scroll bending and wrought iron on Google, you will find a lot of information on the Internet about benders, fences. shelf brackets, furniture, etc.

    Let me know if you have any questions, I would be glad to help.
  6. olkeith

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    I made the signs too, The top sign is made from quarter inch plastic and I laser engraved both sides. The small signs on the mailbox are also laser engraved, the engraving material I used is adhesive backed plastic so they just stick-on, so all of the signs are solid plastic material and never require painting. The chains are plastic as well and the hangers at the top were large stainless steel lock washers tack welded to the horizontal tube.

    This way there is nothing to rust or that requires maintenance on the sign portion of the mailbox.
  7. Arc Burn

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    I too purcshased a scroll bender but from Shop Outfitters,a little more expensive,but nice unit.It's very relaxing work,i love playing with it and have built tons of things,the best part is the price of steel because i'm only using 1"x 1/8" flat stock,very cheap,the downfall is my complete and total lack of artistic ability:( :D ,but i'm gaining!
  8. olkeith

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    Arc Burn,

    I just visited Shop Outfitters web site, they have some very nice tools and their project book looks like it has promise. Harbor Freight and Northen sell the knockoff of their parts bender, I have a simular tool but I don't use it for scrolls or twisting.

    The scroll bending kit that HF is selling has a capstan operated bender that makes creating scrolls childs play, much like the MetalCraftUSA tools. The bending riveting tool will bend rings, angles and set rivets. The twister can be bench mounted and will twist Flat bar and square stock.

    Thanks for the link to Shop Outfitters, I will contact them for a catalog.
  9. Arc Burn

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    Sorry i didn't give ya the direct link to them,i don't know what i was thinking:confused: !Their catalog is great,the tools are pricey but of very good quality,the project book came with the bender and while informative,it kinda incorporates all their tools into a project which is costly,very good ideas though.

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