scrub and his electric trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnfreak, May 27, 2004.

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    I pulled up to one of my accounts today and got out and started as I normally do. Anyway, after i got done mowing I looked over to the yard next to us and there was this guy who had two push mowers in the truck. This guy was standing by his truck unwinding about 200ft in extension cords. All I could think of was that this guy is mowing this yard for his parents or something. About 10 minutes later he comes up to me and asks me if gas weedeaters are better than electric ones. DUH!!! The he goes into detail about the new push mower he just bought from Wal-mart and the 7 accounts he had just in this neighborhood. I eventually told him that time is money and that i had to get back to work. I just cant believe some of the equiptment these guys use. By the way the yard would have taken me about 30 minutes to do by myself and he was just leaving 3 hours later when i was leaving the neighborhood after doing 5 others.
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    So what!!!! Do you feel better about yourself now?
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    i'm with ya dishboy...who gives a rip...i wish i had it all figured out when i was 17...i might consider using electric everything soon if the these dad gum gas prices don't stop...think about it, pull up, unwind about 5 cords, plug into clients house, go to town...i kow i would be saving about 50-75 week right there...

    oh wait lawnfreak, you don't know what it's like to shell out $75 for gas do and dad floating that bill for you too...
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    How do you know he was a scrub? What were you doing looking at him? You don't know his situation? Etc, Etc, Etc....Just giving you a hard time lawnfreak. :) I posted a thread about a scrub and people blew it way out of proportion. So I guess you can talk about him as much as you want, but whatever you do don't say you Laughed at him! :)
  5. J Haugner

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    Lawnfreak, sounds like you are doing well for a teenager with your lawn business. But I agree with everyone’s opinion so far. Live and let live. At least the guy is working. It is all right to be cocky just keep it to your self and you'll be way ahead of the game.
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    Maybe he is in to hugging trees??? At least he is proud of his accomplishments, and isn't staying at home collecting welfare checks from the taxpayers of your state. You do pay your taxes, don't you???Be glad they aren't taking more to support that guy..........
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  8. Rather Be Fishing

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    So am I a "scrub" because my old man ways tend to believe regular (MANUAL) hedge shears are superior to most gas and electric shears? (I've tried an awful lot of types and brands of all three types, I'll say one thing: A good pair of manual shears will cut better and can be tightened/sharpened in seconds with a hand-held file and a wrench)

    From one end, I see your point, you're busy and some guy who's nothing more than unwanted competiton asks questions that aren't worth your time. Then again this is someone who is out trying to make something of our great free enterprise system. Perhaps haphazardly, but wouldn't you have felt better when you had your first questions if someone had been straight-forward with you rather than explaining that "their time was money"?

    I replied in a thread over in Commercial Landscaping which was nothing more than a thread to post and whine. The guy who has part of a job I'm doing is so far nothing but an enigma. Three options exist; 1. He's just inexperienced and trying to earn some cash on the side: 2. He's just a lazy HACK ; 3. He just doesn't care.

    At least the guy you dealt with saw your work and cared enough to ask, obviously he's spent some of his own money or credit. I'm gonna shoot some pics tomorrow to try to better explain my dilemma with the customer, I might post a couple in the thread over in the landscape forum to express my unhappiness with the situation. Until I actually run across this other worker I can't possibly know if he's 1, 2, or 3. Figured I'd see him today but we got more RAIN. Can't say I'm thrilled about it, his work stinks but if he seems genuine I'll try to toss him a couple pointers.

    Lack of knowledge doesn't necesarily make an individual a 'scrub'. Granted I never considered doing my own thing until I was confident I knew what I was doing, I might have been better off trying that route.

    Funny thing is, most experienced folks aren't willing to share info with the exception of websites like this one.........................;)
  9. Mikes Lawn Landscape

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    I think we are all bunch of SCRUBS some of us just have better credit.

    Guys we just mow lawns. Its not brain surgery.
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    I am convinced that those who make posts like this one are indeed SCRUBS :) Matter of fact I wish Sean would change the title under all new members names. Like you have to be here for x amount of months before you clear SCRUB status. So how about it Sean? Why not label all new member for a minimum of lets say 3 months as scrubs. Then they can graduate to rookie. Then they remain a rookie for at least another 3 months and then after that their title can reflect accordingly to number of posts. Guys what do you think? Perhaps this will at least thin out some of the SCRUB crap.
    Just my $0.02:rolleyes:

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