Scrub LCO's using illegal aliens risking our future?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bluesteel, Feb 15, 2003.

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    I personally would be for a moratorium on immigration for several years and illegals should get the boot immediately.

    Just one problem though. In the green industry, especially the agriculture side, little white american boys and girls want nothing to do with it, I don't blame them. Still yet, things have to get done. Citrus, tobacco many other crops that are labor intensive are almost totally dependant on hispanic immigrants.

    A couple of years ago when the economy was flying high, you couldn't find a gringo to work for any amount of money. I was very disgusted with the state of the work force. All kinds of work, no one to do it. I nearly turned to H2B workers myself.

    Bottom line is we have enough right now and the gates need to close, atleast for a while. The whole world needs to become a better place to live, we all can't fit into the U.S.
  2. Organix

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    pffft Do you think I care what a knee jerk - red neck racist scardie cat like you thinks? Oh boo hoo, we're all going to blow up. You don't know how to think, that's the problem. You go off on this tangent of attacking me that I must be doing it calling me a scab after I told you I work alone. You attack because you know your argument is racist and whithot merit and there is no relationship between terrorisim and the kind of illegal immigrant labor that works in our industry. Quit being such a yellow belly coward!

    Your a scab! I know you shop at Walmart whenever your not in your doublewide. You patronize those low-life non-overtime paying scum who have a "flood" of oakies come to work and shop for them. How we ever going to stop these oakies if y'all keep going to Walmart.

    Dude, don't try and bring up communist manifesto, your way way over your little head. Ironic that your the one who's afraid of a little competition from the brown people.

    Idiots like you listen to Rash Limprod and think you know something. :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: there coming for you man! :cry:
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    You obviously are a racist in yourself. They did not attack you personally, yet you attack them and play the racist card. That BS doesn't work on us whiteboys anymore, boy. I am French, German, Italian and Cherokee. I look as white as can be and am proud of it. You obviously need to work on some of your own issues and quit spewing your filth here. They are totally right about the immigration policy, it sucks. If you look at the way the US was during the early 1900's then you will see the change for the worse we are now facing. Our country was to busy fighting WWII, to protect our borders from immigrants and now look what our supposed good deeds have bought us. If it keeps up like it is, there will be a civil war in this country and it won't be us whiteboys that start it.

  4. Tvov

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    In my area, all the "Scrub LCO's using illegal aliens" are the big companies. The small guys (usually 5 or less employees) don't have the contacts to get the illegals. So if by "scrub" you are referring to small operations, in my area that is very wrong.
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    umm, Helllllo,

    In th NY metro area tons of big companies and small companies hire illegal immigrants and don't pay anything but a straight cash wage (no worler's comp, taxes, etc. ) It is common knowledge. Why nothing is done about it I don't know, they(spme tpwns on Long Island) even set up places for the workers to gather and get picked up, even supplying coffee, etc. Ever hear of Farmingville? It's been in the news for attacks on day laborers(not cool) I'm sure there is no enforcement for many reasons, one being that they are onw of the few groups of people that will take jobs in our industry, or the food industry, cleaning, etc. It's just how it goes. If you shipped them all out the grass would be ten feet high and all the dishes in the restaurants wuld be dirty. Hey, I do this for a living and I'm not bashing it at all. Read the news if you want to know "how do you know they're illegal?" What a dumb response.
    I think it is a drain on pricing in our industry yes and it might not be right according to the law or even fairness, but BLueSteel is right and should'nt be bashed. There is no legal excuse for it and it happens all the time. It's true. However, I'm not calling for deportations, the immigrants fill a need. But yes, if everyone were paid on the books and legally it wuld be a different ballgame all together.
  6. NC Big Daddy

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    Since you anti-immigration folks are tried of "The Boss Man" paying low wages, tell me how you'd do it. How would you run a company and make a profit? Would you ask a Union to step in? That way the Union could tell you what you'd pay when your employees would work and what they would do while they worked. Hows that?
    A few of you guys really make me laugh. You get yourself a few accounts get a little overhead (read debt) and try to start playing with the big boys. You're working without contracts without business plans some of you with out insurance and no real knowledge of the mechanics of cash flow and you find you cant compete. You perceive you've been done "wrong" it's the evil immigrants, big corporations, scrubs, low ballers etc. Well I'm telling you to look in the mirror. There is no such thing as a level playing field!
    I read post on this site about how you run over toys in your customers lawns, how you talk to customers how You tell customers how things are are to be. And I just smile, I smile because those customers will be mine with little effort. Those customers will flock to a company who looks out for their customers best interest.
    As for employment of immigrants, they are filling a niche plain and simple. They show up for work everyday day in day out. It's been that way since the late 1800's Irish, German, Chinese, Indian and now Mexican. So I find this whole conversation about immigration silly. If you chose not to use them don't.
  7. proscaper

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    NC Wannabe,

    Since you are so happy to have illegal workers, what is the name of your company and what city do you live in? Don't hide behind your zone, let's tell everyone and I mean everyone how much profit you can make by defrauding American citizens. I am sure allot of people would be glad to hear about it. So, if you are really a strong advocate of it, let's have it.

  8. bobbygedd

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    hey, i know, lets take the americans who r on welfare and unemployment, and get them to do the job that is now being done by illegals? yea, its simple, just tell them that instead of welfare and unemployment, they will now be working for $6 an hour, doing physical labor, in the hot sun and freezing cold, from morning till dark, and they will be un appreciated, and verbally abused! heck yea, they will be lining up the night before for that job! u guys are fools!
  9. Evan528

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    Well said Bobby!!!! The only reason there is employment oppertunities for these "aliens" is because Americans dont want to take the posisions and/or work nearly as hard! Without them at least in my area I think most landscaper would have gone out of business years ago from lack of labor. And no they do not work for peanuts (cheap labor) here. They know they are quit valuable and most demand top pay.
  10. NC Big Daddy

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    Where in my post did I say anything about using illegal labor? But since you brought it up. I'm sure some are BUT I follow the guidelines set up by the I.N.S and I've been checked numerous times. So Josh I'm asking you to re-read my post and try to gather some free information.

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