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Scrub LCO's using illegal aliens risking our future?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bluesteel, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. If you're not outraged by the use Illegal Aliens, or defend its in any way, its due to one of the following reasons. You are one, you use them, or you are an idiot. I don't care what happens to you if you loose your precious slaves. And it doesn't matter what short-sighted left-wing excuse you come up with, its wrong.
  2. Organix

    Organix LawnSite Member
    Messages: 113

    Left-wing? You really don't know why they are here do you? It's the right-wing pro biz agenda that wants cheap labor. The left wing allows it because a large part of their constituency is Hispanic and because they know they will increase their base.

    But be that as it may, if we were ever going to do anything that would actually help, like a national id card, gun nuts like you stop it because your SCARED they are just trying to take your guns. You FEAR a lot of things. To try to make a rational argument that Hispanic labor, which you have no idea is illegal or not, is some how helping terrorist, shows your idiocy.

    Why don't you go write Bush who wants to give 1 million Hispanic illegals amnesty to gain some ground with that voter base. Out of those million, thousand's have temporary right to work in this country while their immigration applications are being processed, but you can tell by looking who's who. Anyone with half a brain (that leaves you out) can see what it is you really FEAR.
  3. NC Big Daddy

    NC Big Daddy LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 267

    Every generation has had to deal with short sighted people on the subject of immigration. As for the term "slave" you are using that word with a total disregard for whom the real "Slaves" were in our nations history.
    No matter how you cut it 90%+ of ALL jobs in the Green Industry are considered non-skilled labor including mine as Owner. As non-skilled labor, earnings will always be limited. The great thing about living in this Country is the ability to better ones self. If your wages are to low or you just don't like working around or with someone who doesn't speak your language or look like you, you can quit.
    This sight is for helping one another in day to day decisions and to learn from others experience. If all you have to offer is name calling it seems you don't have anything to offer in terms of experience.
  4. OrganX, you've made your point. That being it's not possible for you to stay on topic and defend Illegal Aliens so you must attack the messenger. Not that it has anything to do with it, but I have Hispanic ancestry. I'm sorry you're so upset and I sympathize with your Bush-Bad Clinton-Good rhetoric, but maybe you should start another thread.
  5. Organix

    Organix LawnSite Member
    Messages: 113

    typical knee jerk right wing response. You go around calling people scum and idiots and then complain when you get it back.
  6. scottt

    scottt LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 269

    To some of you who still haven't figured it out, this thread is about ILLEGAL immigrants and the companies that hire them big or small. This thread is NOT about anti-immigration, it's about ILLEGAL immigration.
    Organix, it seems like you are defending illegal immigrants. Please enlighten us as to why you think it is acceptable for them to commit a crime by entering this country illegally.
  7. Organix

    Organix LawnSite Member
    Messages: 113

    Never said I thought it was "acceptable", I just try to look rationally at the problem.

    1. You don't know for sure they were illegal.

    2. You don't know if the LCO met the legal requirements for checking documentation.

    3. It is very highly unlikely that south of the border immigration will ever contribute to terrorism.

    4. It is much more likely that the Canadian border and legal immigration would be path to entry as we saw on 9/11.

    5. Even though I think immigration should be better controlled, I sympathize with these people for trying make a better life for themselves and their families. It is natural for human beings like any other animal to migrate to where they have a better chance of survival.
    6. I sympathize with LCO's and other business owners who have tough labor jobs to fill for what can afford to be paid and still find reliable people who can come to work without being stoned.

    7. This problem will solved better by trying to help other country's through free trade agreements and other assistance. At least I hope that would be the case. I also think a national ID card and allowing temporary migrant workers to come legally and perhaps after so long they can upgrade their status legally.

    8. These people actually benefit our economy more than they take out of it. They are paying social security taxes and will not receive the money back. If they are illegal and become legal later they don't get credited for the amount. As a former commissioned retail sales person, I can tell you that these folks are the very best customers. They need and want everything.

    9. If you really care about this issue there is a Republican Congressmen from Colorado who is advocating national ID card and registered migrate workers to solve the problem. He also admits that the problem stems from both the right and the left.

    10. The price of freedom is not just won on the battlefield. It requires sacrifice. Sometimes even your safety. There is always a trade-off between freedom and security. I guess I think that it is better that some of us MAY live in harms way, so that we can ALL live free.
  8. Organix, thanks for your attempt at a lucid argument. However, you don’t seem to be able to distinguish between Illegal Aliens and Immigrant’s that follow the rules. How many times do I have to emphasize the word “Illegal” before you track with the subject?

    1. This is not about any single incident. The fact is it happens. Scab-LCO’s are using ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Its against the law, its not fair to legal immigrants, and its creating a flood of humanity that scum terrorists are using to cross our borders undetected.

    2. So, if we were to follow your distractions and distortions, are we to believe that this problem doesn’t even exist?

    3. Bruce32 just showed you proof of middle-eastern men using the Mexican border to sneak into the US (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/a...RTICLE_ID=31027). Obviously you’re wrong. But your only defense is to say its “pure propaganda and garbage,” stick your head in the sand, and pretend it will go away.

    4. Besides, it’s not about where they are coming in. This thread is about getting rid of the demand created (in part) by Scab-LCO’s.

    5. Sympathy for law-breakers is misplaced. Let them follow the rules. If you don’t like the rules, elect people who’ll change the rules.

    6. Where is your sympathy for Scab-LCO’s when people are trashing them for not paying taxes, carrying insurance, and undercutting prices? They’re cheating and you’re defending it.

    7. National ID Card??? Why not just pass yet another law? Both will be ignored. As long as there is a demand, and idiots to defend law-breakers, people will follow the money.

    8. You seem to have no ability to comprehend the concept of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. They cheat the system to get here, and have to continue cheating to stay. THEY DON’T PAY TAXES!!! What planet are you from? Illegal Immigrants are a drain to our economy. MANY of them spend little money here and send it back home to their families.

    9. If I really care, I should allow Hillary Clinton yet another tool to track me??? You really swallowed the whole party line didn’t ya? Funny how you failed to mention she’s the number one proponent of that idiocy.

    10. You have no valid argument or defense. Only left-wing ramblings, distortions, and distractions. You sound as patriotic as the guy who gave nuclear reactors to North Korea.
  9. turfproinc

    turfproinc LawnSite Member
    Messages: 25

    It's spelled O-K-I-E-S Jackass.
  10. Organix

    Organix LawnSite Member
    Messages: 113

    No, I,m pretty sure it's spelled oakies by us. We don't care how y'all spell it. Last thing we're going to do is follow you. :D

    Blue, you have a real problem with reality. Your hysterics about Hillary Clinton tracking you proves that. Especially when it was this Republican administration who put Admiral John Poindexter in charge of creating a national database on every single citizen. That idea was dropped when even right wing privacy advocates objected. Ironically, the one thing the database would not have contained was information about gun owners. Go figure.

    You are just ignorant about this whole situation and I won't waste anymore time on this or you other then to say that the INS has cracked down on employers in the last 2 decades. Now people have to show proof of citizenship. If the employer does not get that proof from what I understand, the fines and penalties are pretty stiff.

    That does not mean that employers can control the fact that illegals often have fake documentation. A good national ID card would prevent that and leave no excuse. It would also provide a good way for these people to have temporary working status without opening the "flood" gates.

    The one thing you don't seem to get, you keep saying this is about illegal aliens, I don't know if your thick or you just can't stand to be wrong, but you don't get how easy it is for many of these folks to be legal.

    In 1990 Bush Sr. signed an immigration act that gave many permanent status and millions of other from Central America temporary status. After a decade, those folks were upgraded. It's a big game. Our government on both sides of the fence wants and needs this cheap labor.

    Stores like Walmart buy cheap goods from all over the world and stuff that is made here by illegal or legal cheap immigrant labor. That is how they prospered.

    I don't condone anyone exploiting these people but I also don't condone xenophobic reactionaries like yourself. You listen and read all this right-wing sensationalism and propaganda that is designed to get you mad. They are exploiting your fears to further their agenda and build their careers and publications.

    Instead of being so discriminating about people, try to be more discriminating about the information you hear.

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