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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mrbenfer, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. mrbenfer

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    SCRUB NO MORE! ---- Well.... hehe i'm making progress...

    Guys for the first time today I turned someone down!

    I normally charge 15-20 dollars for a lawn that is normal sized and would fill guilty charging anything more. So today when someone called me asking me to give them a estimate I went out to the property to find that it was like 2 lots in 1. The owner came out pulling up his pants thinking that he is getting his lawn cut for cheap. I introduced myself and asked if he could show me around the property. After we got back to the driveway i told the guy that i would do it for 35-45(bagged) a week. He said that he would like to spend $20-25 and i politely told him that i wont be able to service his lawn for that price. I gave him my card which impressed him, and told him that if he changed his mind that he call me.

    (I charge 30 an hour) - Is this still too low?

    I'm showing you this because i would have got screwed If I didnt know about lawnsite. I prob would have taken the job for 25 and busted my *** on a hot summer day when really i could be out fishing.

    Thanks for the info.......
  2. Strawbridge Lawn

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    Many here undercharged when they first started myself included. Congrats on your new found job security and income level. I have my own interpretation of what a scrub is and while they are out there, But, IMO they mainly threaten other scrubs and not those aspiring to grow a business. There is a distinct customer base for them and a different one for us.
  3. teeca

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    you are on the right track, as far as your pricing.

    i come from the auto repair business, and the way to price is by the hour, what this means is this: you need to know what it takes to pay your bills. how much do you want/need to make in a week? $500? well do the math by the hours (i try to get $60per hour), say an average yard takes 20min to cut, i try to get $30-$35. this helps cover my drive time, which works good for me since most of my accounts are close to each other. so divide the 20min into the $500, = 25, and thats how many lawns you need. so if you average $30 per yard x the 25 needed, you get $750 per week x the tax man @ 33% = $247.50 - the $750 = $502.50, wow your there and legal. it'a all bounes money after this! grab a couple $40-$50 cuts and boom baby, your at $700 a week. hope this helps..
  4. ElephantNest

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    The very simple rule I follow....1 minute = $1.00

    ( For grass cutting that it) So....a job that will take 40 mins., yup, you guessed it, $40.00. That's $60.00/hour, which for me makes up the money I want per hour, and covers time to get to the job, gas, expenses, etc.
  5. lawnranger44

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    Agreed-1 minute=$1.

    Now keep in mind that is with my brother and I working, so we shoot for $30 an hour each.

    One hint in estimating-guess high. ALWAYS guess high. Or ask if you can mow once and then give them the estimate.
  6. teeca

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    $1 min yes, dont forget your drive time!

    40 min = $40 is the wrong way to look at it. if it takes 40 min, you should get at least $50 for the cut, gas isn't cheap, neither is vehicle repair and insurance!

    the bigger you get the more this stuff matters. granted i am not big yet, but if you start small and structer your business from the start like a larger company, less mistakes in the long run. when $60 an hour is no longer enough to keep your business making the $$ you want, just up the per hour charge.. like IBM says in there TV adds, infrastrucure. all good buildings start with a good foundation, or they come right back down, how long does it take? depends on how bad you let it get before you make a change, and hope its not too late.
  7. teeca

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    sell time, not service
    sell time, not service
    sell time, not service
    it's that easy

    do they pay me to mow there property? NO, they pay me for my time i'm there providing them a service.

    (and it better be more then $1 per minute) if i wanted less, i guess i would sell the two dixies, exmark w/b, and use the 21" crapsmen push mower, throw it in the back of my 2003 f350 4x4 crew cab, i mean my 1986 chevy cavalier trunk, (because i couldn't afford the truck) and go mow for .50 cents a per min and make a killing!! if i do really good, i might get a couple bags of mulch in the trunk also. cool deal, i buy it for $2.30 per bag and i could charge the customer, say... 1 bag every 3min... 6 bags per trip to there property, ok, $3.30 installed, heck i get good gas milage in the car.

    not trying to start anything here, but trying to help. lets face it, were all here to make money, and a good living (i hope). if you want charity go to church, if you want brakes go to midas...

    BAMARED LawnSite Member
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    You're full of ****!

  9. teeca

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    why? because i want to make money?
    with a reply like "teeca your full of #$%*" i can only think you dont? everybody has an out look on things, i gave mine. if you dont like it, then a professional would give an explnation about it, not a school kid remark (or maybe a school mantality remark)

    you need to sell time, in the statment of they pay me for my time, not the mowing, it was ment for people to under stand that you need payed for the whole thing, driving, insurance, vehicle.. not lack of quality work, i do very high quality work at a good price, and i get paid for it (time) i gues this is what your point was, it's hard to get alot from "teeca your full of $%#@"
  10. teeca

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    bamared, sorry if i hit a sore spot with the chevy cavalier, it is a nice vehicle. being from the far south as you say, i bet yours isn't near as rusty as they are up here in the north. by the way, what size hitch does yours have? :confused:

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