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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Frontier-Lawn, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Frontier-Lawn

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    i was at subway today and i saw a scrub drive by and a few working on my way home from lunch. i guess to make ends meet from low-balling they have to work all the time. i have made a list here of the diff between them and us please add to it if you think of anything.

    Scrub -
    Work days - Mon- Sun
    Days Off - NONE
    Equipment - HD/ or Electric
    Hauling - Trunk
    Vehicle - Beat-up Car
    Work days - Mon- Fri/Sat
    Days Off - All Holiday's
    Equipment - Pro Grade
    Hauling - Trailers
    Vehicle - Newish Truck
  2. Dirty Water

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    Eh, everyone has to start somewhere.

    If they do a good job, and charge decently for it, then I wouldn't consider them a scrub even if they were using a $200 mower and towing it with a beat up chevy.
  3. maurader

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    I hate to say this but around here Frontier-Lawn you would be the one that looks like a scrub. I guess that goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover. For me, if I were to hire somebody to cut my lawn and he showed up with a murray in the trunk of his car I would have to grab a chair and a beer and watch the show.
  4. Frontier-Lawn

    Frontier-Lawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    well atleast i pay taxes and have all the licensing i need. and i dont have scrub equipment any more i just got new sthil prograde stuff.
    im rebuilding a wb and the toro push mower i have i light comm duty. $500 model. heres my new toys
  5. Fantasy Lawns

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    I had a crew of 5 guys out working today

    Nice n easy 7-12 .... all commercial .... home by 1 n not working on Sat

    We work all of the holidays except Turky Day, X-mas n New Years day if they fall in between M-F

    ALL my work trucks are atleast 10 years old .... my crew cab is a 92'

    We NEVER work Sat unless .... Super behind .... in fact we only worked 1 this year which was the first in 2 years ..... even last year with all the storms NO weekend work

    I could care LESS about the "scrubs" .... they only get the jobs I don't want anyways
  6. rtr

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    FS250??? What are you trimming?? Bamboo stalks? :D :D :D :D :D

    I have the FC110 edger and its great on intial edges. I do alot foreclose properties and most of the time they have NEVER been edged! The FC110 blows through em.
  7. HK45Mark23

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    Well here it is. In a lot of your opinions I would be considered a scrub.

    Other than the fact that I charge between .00287 - .0035 per sq. ft. and in no means are a low baler, if you saw me you would say scrub.

    I have an 84 Chevy 20 cargo van that all of my equipment fits into. It is well organized and every thing is tied down.

    I use a wooden ramp to load / unload my mower. My mower is a XJ 75 with all attachments including an oil filter, not standard on that model.

    My blower is a Shindaiwa EB 630.

    I use the Shindaia 2510 multitask too with a trimmer and edger attachment. I of course purchase 3 lb. spools of trimmer line at a time.

    I have a meter and measure the length and width and calculate square feet for every job. I then confirm that I have the right numbers when I get home on the County Assessors on line site.

    I for now have electric hedge trimmers. There is and an assortment of shovels and rakes.

    I also have a large box that holds all of my necessary extras. I keep extra premix oil and common parts like trimmer head cover and line advancement button as well as extra edger blades and mower blades.

    I buy 3M 8210 N95 particulate masks, Howard Leight Max nrr 33d snr 34d ear plugs and eye protection in bulk and insist that any one using a mower, blower, trimmer and or edger always use a mask, eye and ear protection.

    I print a work order for every yard before every work day and my clients sign for every job. I log the start and stop time for every piece of equipment and keep a log of hours for each power tool that includes the maintenance.

    Every power tool is maintenances according to the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manuals and the pre air filters are cleaned every day as well as the entire machine.

    However I am incorporated and had insurance last year. Unfortunately I am lucky enough to have it this year.

    I made some mistakes at the beginning of this year. I bid on 5/3rd bank janitorial services. It was 111 buildings and a 2.25 million dollar contract.

    Unfortunately I did not get the contract and in doing so I neglected to build a solid book of business for My Landscape Maintenance Company this year. Therefore I don’t have a good book of business this year and The Landscape maintenance company is sruggling.

    I have never have to do any of the landscaping my self. My father goes to a Spanish church and I have an expert who use to own a landscape company in TX. He does all of the work after I bid the job and acquire a contract.

    He has helpers and in reality he is a sub contract. He pays his helpers out of the money I pay him. He also pays his own taxes. I charge about on third more than he says he needs to make as my profit for contracting the work.

    Last year I was making gross 240 a day in lawn care. I was charging an average of $40.00 a yard. My quality is second to none.

    When the big boys are on and off a property in 20 min with 3 people, it may take me an hour and a half. . I believe in detail. I also could be down to 1 man hour of labor or less as they are if I had a Zero Turn mower as do the big boys.

    Because I don’t I keep my prices a little higher due to the time it takes to mow the yards by hand.

    I know exactly the impact of not having a larger mower and know that I could cut my actual mow time form 50 min to 5 min with just an equipment change.

    This change would also help me be a little more competitive in my pricing. No, I would not change my prices dramatically. The same yard I am doing for $45.00 I could then do for maybe $40.00.

    I have done a lot more landscaping this year. On landscaping I make about $100.00 a day and never leave the house. I change them the labor that he insists on and my 30% and materials at consumer prices. I get them for about 20% less, so I even make a little off the materials.

    Am I a scrub? I pay taxes, I am incorporated, I have employees and subcontractors, I follow safety protocol and insist that any one working for me also complies, I document every thing from job times, contracts for service, maintenance procedures performed and hours and min on the equipment as well as i have an accountant who does the accounting.

    But, I am mowing out of a cargo van and have a John Deere JX 75 even though I have a professional trimmer, edger and blower.

    By the way the documenting the time of each task makes it easy for me to see exactly how much time is spend doing a task and what it is costing me.

    I have complied time studies and that is helping me to adjust my work protocols and pricing accordingly.
  8. johnl1

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    Good grief...You are just mowing man.
  9. all ferris

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    I'd have to say you're a crazy scrub. Really...$100 per day for landscaping?
  10. Frontier-Lawn

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    i suffer from the Tim Allen symptom. need more power!!! :D

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