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I think as long as you keep the prices up so that you can make money, NO you not a scrub. It is the guys that are charging so cheap they not making money. Those are also the guys that go back to working regular jobs because they can't make a living.

Some people in this business have more expense than others, so pricing will vary from one company to the other. If one guy has everything paid off, he may not charge as much as the next guy who is still paying for his equipment.

Just my .02 cents


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No I would not call you a scrub. A scrub is the guy that has followed me around the last two weeks and went to every customer and told them he would service their lawn for ten dollars less than me no matter what the price! Lost a few accounts to this guy. ( My definition of a real scrub ).


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Southern Utah
I wouldn't consider you a scrub, sounds like your trying to run a legit business when it's so easy to just not do things the "right" way.

I think some people refer to others as scrubs because some other legit LCO bids less than they do and get the job.

lawn8646-You said it perfectly. If someone is following you around purposly charging less than you, thats a real SCRUB!